Events around us are happening at an incredible speed. Endless stress takes all our energy, and that’s why we need peace and harmony so much! Luckily, we can find it… in our dorm rooms! Of course, comfort at home is a guarantee of spiritual balance, which is so vital for each of us.

When decorating, it is sometimes difficult to strike a balance between functionality, coziness, and style. Rooms are often missing something, and as a result, they are not like the ones we imagined. But fortunately, the situation can be solved with the help of small tricks. They are décor pieces that bring something completely new to the environment.

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Paintings And Photos

This is probably the very first thing that comes to mind: to hang an alluring picture on the wall or make a collage of several images.

In fact, they can be hung anywhere. But best of all, do it at the head of the bed. So, they will delight the eye in the evenings and cheer you up at dawn. Plus, you can put a large picture or several canvases on the floor against the wall. Be sure to ask your roommate whether they are fine with your ideas. Chances are, together, you will pick up a picture that suits both of you.

The choice is truly huge. Abstract plots may repeat the accenting shades of the interior. Romantic rooms in the Provence style can be decorated with pastoral landscapes. Since a picture in a quality frame is expensive, you can save money and decorate the bedroom with family photos. This will add warmth to the interior.

When you hang pictures, make sure it doesn’t go against the dorm policy. Some dorms only allow a certain percentage of the wall to be covered, and most will not allow you to drill a hole. So use reversible materials, like stick-on hooks and alway consult with the authorities before making changes.

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Bedspreads And Pillows

If you have enough resources, you can order a set of bedspreads and decorative pillows in the atelier according to your taste. This solution will fit into any interior. You can choose silk or velvet accessories in pastel colors or vice versa – multi-colored cotton or linen.

The more bright, colorful pillows of all kinds on the bed, the better. When buying fabrics, don’t forget to ensure they are pleasant to touch. Natural fabrics will feel better, and regulate the temperature more effectively.

Those who are full of inspiration may try various DIY techniques and fill the bedroom with their own made decor. Sew or crochet patchwork quilt covers for chairs or pillows, and the room will be filled with comfort.

Of course, fall and winter are the times when you want to wrap yourself in a big blanket and make yourself warm tea. Combine business with pleasure and add soft blankets to the room. Perhaps the best colors are deep brown or burgundy shades.

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Lightning And Lampshades

Let’s agree that the right lighting (be it a chandelier or floor lamp) completely changes the perspective. In some dorms, LED strip lights are allowed, but better check with the policies before buying anything. 

If you are lucky to get permission, then smoothly adjust the lighting, change its color and let it reflect your mood. 

Curtains And Carpets

These large decorative elements can tie all the details of the interior together. Let the colors, textures, and motifs used in bedspreads repeat in curtains and carpets.

It’s not necessary to lay one large carpet on the floor. Better use several rugs of various shapes scattered around the bed or opposite the chest of drawers.

Another option is to lay a small, thick rug on top of a larger, more neutral rug. Thanks to this tip, you can divide the space into zones or make accents on specific places.

Vases And Figurines

Any bedroom can be decorated with matching vases or figurines. They can stand on the floor, on shelves, or on bedside tables. 

Basically, there should be one large floor vase or statue, and it will only be appropriate in a spacious bedroom. For cramped rooms, it is better to choose a set of several small accessories.

Plants And Flowers

Greenery not only decorates the bedroom but also fills it with fresh air, thereby contributing to peaceful sleep and quality rest. You can arrange vases, pots, boxes, or planters with flowers anywhere, from window sills to the head of the bed. 

Consider the influence of different plants on human health, as they may change the energy of the room in the most surprising ways. Of course, maintaining a home greenhouse is no easy task – any eco-friendly student will agree. If you want to have beautiful flowers in the bedroom but aren’t ready to spend time and effort on them, get artificial plants. High-quality ones are hard to distinguish from the living ones. 


Decorating the bedroom with a mirror is a practical solution. This item is simply necessary when you don’t have a separate dressing room. The mirror can be free-standing, for example, in a vintage frame, or you can paint the frame yourself. Plus, why not insert photos or inspirational pictures into the corners?

Thanks to a mirror, you can visually expand a cramped bedroom. Or install several small uniquely shaped mirrors to place accents.


Waking up in the morning, the first thing most people reach for is their phone. However, then we find ourselves scrolling through social media feeds and being for school. To avoid such a loss of time, put a beautiful clock near the bed. You can find a vintage one at a flea market or in an antique shop.

Baskets And Organizers

Décor baskets have plenty of cool functions. You can put blankets in them or store your books and magazines there. By the way, the terracotta shade is perfect for any interior, especially if you use cotton as a prevalent material.

A basket is life-saving when you need to put things in order quickly. Surely, they come in different sizes and shapes, but better buy several ones of the same material and common color to avoid chaos. If your room is light, pick up baskets in darker shades, and vice versa.


A vertical stack of books is typical for a classic interior. But why not try an alternative placement? Try to arrange books horizontally and group them by genres or colors of covers. Just make sure the order is random, as you certainly don’t want your interior to be boring.

To Wrap It Up

My home is my castle, and this is also true about a dorm room. Even if it’s rather small, it will become super cozy with the right accessories. Let the room mirror your preferences and your personal interests. Photos, books, incredible textures, and colors… By collecting them all, you follow the best yet easiest way to make your room more stylish. And it turns the room into a reflection of your inner world!


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