There are lots of ideas on what you can add to your garden in order to enhance it. For example, you can add a few pot plants that will change the look of the garden. You can even add some artificial grass if you want to.

But above all, you can build a pizza oven that not only looks great, but is also really multipurpose and reliable. This article will focus on ten reasons why it’s worth building a pizza oven in your garden. Enjoy reading!

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What is a garden pizza oven?

We should start from the definition of an outdoor pizza oven. In short, it is a stainless steel insert which can transform an average charcoal grill into a grill-top garden pizza oven. Wood-fired pizza ovens work the same way as ovens in pizzerias. They are designed for baking pizzas. However, this does not mean that preparing different meals is not allowed. It is!

Wood-fired pizza oven was created years ago. Baking pizza in a wood-fired oven is an ancient method. Nowadays, a pizza oven is available in built-in and portable versions. It’s also worth knowing that outdoor pizza ovens can be powered by wood or charcoal. We recommend choosing wood, placing it inside the oven, and then lighting it to create heat. The food should be placed in the same chamber.

Why is it worth building a DIY pizza oven in your garden?

As you can see from the title of this article, there’s no doubt that it’s worth building your own oven in your garden. There are dozens of reasons for this. We have decided to write about the top ten ones to help you start your adventure with pizza ovens. 

1. You can feel Italian vibes in your garden

You have to admit that the vision of pizzas straight from the oven is quite tempting. Pizza is a traditional dish of Italian cuisine, loved all over the world. You don’t have to travel to Italy to taste the best pizzas – you can create them on your own, in your own garden pizza oven! Doesn’t that sound delicious? Imagine: a wood-fired pizza cooked on a stone top and served in your garden? You can feel like you’re on Italian holidays!

2. You can improve your cooking skills

Let’s put it plain and simple: making pizza is pure pleasure. No one associates the process of baking pizza in the fresh air with a painful duty. That’s why we become more willing to do it more and more often. And as we know, practice makes perfect. With a wood-fired oven, you can get the most of cooking time and develop your full potential.

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3. You can feel like a real chef for a moment

It’s never too late to “rebrand yourself” and become a professional pizza maker… in the comfort of your own garden. Be your own boss, but don’t forget to meet the orders placed by your friends and family as well. Let them ask what the chef’s speciality is. Prepare Margherita, Pepperoni, Marinara, Carbonara and any other pizza you (and your loved ones) like!

4. You can use a garden pizza oven for culinary experimentation

We could dwell for hours upon different kinds of pizzas. However, we cannot forget that there are many meals we can prepare in a wood fired pizza oven. Try yourself at cooking pulled pork, turkey, roast chicken or steak.

If you like fish, try preparing barbecued sardines. If you are a vegetarian, you will enjoy making garlic bread (you don’t need separate bread ovens for this), roasted vegetables, jacket potatoes and corn on the cob. In case you’re keen on sweet flavours, bet on cinnamon rolls.

5. Meals prepared in an outdoor pizza oven smell and taste the best in the world

Trust as, “normal” meals are not half as beautifully aromatic and delicious as meals taken right from wood-fired ovens. Actually, you don’t have to take our word for it, because you can build your own pizza oven and see for yourself (we even recommend you to do it). Treat yourself to a perfectly crisp pizza base. Enjoy the unique aroma of pizza. Savour the taste of other excellent dishes. Savour the moment!

6. Foods prepared in a wood fired pizza oven are healthier

“Healthy” is a subjective term associated with food which helps fuel and nourish the body. We can call foods cooked in wood-fired ovens healthy because they retain their valuable nutritional value.

How does it happen? Well, wood-fired ovens are really hot, which in practice means that they allow for preparing food extremely quickly. Thanks to this, the toppings retain their healthy nutrients better. Different methods of cooking lose their relevance. Why fry when you can bake in a pizza oven?

7. You can make the best of your time

As we previously mentioned, cooking in an outdoor pizza oven does not require much time. Think of it this way: you’re not wasting hours on this process. You save time which you can spend on developing new hobbies, meeting with people you love, watching films, and on doing whatever else you want.

8. You can impress your friends and family

Your friends and family members will be impressed by the delectable culinary delights your “garden restaurant” has on offer. The very idea of such an experiment with making pizzas and other dishes is really interesting. Your family will be proud of you!

9. You have a perfect pretext for nice meetings with friends

We live in a very busy world, where many things clamour for our time and attention. Our friends are often working and trying to juggle their responsibilities. Sometimes it’s difficult to arrange a meeting. But what if you invited them to a meeting in your garden with delicious food, pleasant atmosphere and good music? Such meetings have their charm — they are special and unique. Think about inviting friends to a pizza party or an outdoor cinema. They’ll love it!

10. Building a wood fired oven is surprisingly easy

Obviously, considering a modular pizza oven kit is fine. Buying ready-made pizza ovens is possible, but why not build it on your own? It is really easy! The building process consists of only seven steps. 

  1. Buy the right materials. 
  2. Lay the concrete foundation. 
  3. Lay the fire bricks to make the level surface (the oven floor will be a perfect place for baking and cooking food). 
  4. Make the arch.
  5. Construct the dome. 
  6. Add the door. 
  7. Insulate. 

These are the “lucky seven” steps. You can always ask somebody for help in improving your pizza oven plans. You can watch a pizza oven tutorial online.


A garden oven opens up new opportunities for you. You can cook bread, delicious pizzas and many other meals, feel like you’re on holidays. You can discover and learn recipes, and meet your friends more often. The list of benefits could be endless!

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