Wani is well known for its coal reserves and this would enable the company to get long term economy for a Cogeneration captive power plant. The company also proposes to utilize part of the power generated for its existing Solvent Plant and proposed spinning unit.

Further, the down steam generated from the power plant will be used in Solvent Extraction unit giving additional cost saving to the company.

A unique combination of blended fuel for firing the Boiler including Coal, Dolochar, Washery Rejects, Soya waste and Rice husk, which are all available in the vicinity of the plant. This offers the most economic cost of fuel.

The Project situated in coal belt, offering a long term economy and viability.

Captive consumption of power up to 60% offers assured sales to power division and also provides un-interrupted power supply to other divisions using powers unlike MSEB supply.

Proposed Installed capacity of 10 MW is eligible for coal linkage as per the scheme of central Government. This offers coal purchase at confessional rate.

The co-generation design of the Boiler offers the down steam generated for utilization in the Solvent Extraction and Oil Refinery Division. This gives a further economy of operation to the company.






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