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Rasoya Proteins Limited is a Public Limited Company incorporated in 1992 and since then the Company has been engaged in the Business of Solvent Extraction. In 2004 the company has up its own oil refinery and in 2005 another solvent extraction plant was set up. During the last five years the company has become one of the leading processors of Soybean Seed in Maharashtra.

The processing units of Solvent Extraction and Oil Refinery are in Yavatmal District of Maharashtra. The Company has been selling its Soya Refined Oil under the brand name “Rasoya” and the oil is available in various pack size from ½ liter poly pack and pet bottle to 15 liter/15 kilograms tins. During the last three years the company’s Brand in Retail oil segment has become one of the leading brands in Maharashtra.

The company sell De-oil cake both in domestic as well as international market. Over the years the company has created its own brand value by offering consistent quality and services to its customers.

The company also as Wheat Processing Plant, Soya Nugget manufacturing unit and also manufacturers various kinds of Soya Floors.



  • The company is engaged in the extraction of “Soya crude oil” by Solvent extraction process and has an existing plant capacity of processing 525 tons of Soya seed per day at village Wanjari, Taluka Wani, District Yavatmal, Maharashtra.

  • The manufacturing activity at the plant commenced in October 1996. Initially the capacity of extraction plant was 225 tons per day, which is recently increased to 525 tons per day.

  • In domestic market the company has been selling its crude oil to various refineries in and around Vidarbha and DOC is sold to various cattle feed and poultry feed manufacturers in various parts of the country especially in southern states.

  • For the last few years the availability of Soya seed has been excellent and with the farmers getting remunerative prices, the years to come will see a substantial growth in the availability of Seed. At the same time the demand for Soya Oil and Soya De-meal is also picking up and the rates have also gone up especially of Soya oil which has, now become the main substitute for Ground- Nut Oil. Thus the overall industrial scenario has been very encouraging with the international market also favourable to India. In Vidarbha itself, where the plant is situated, the crop is expected to grow at least by 20% to 25% every year.


  • The company has its own Oil Refinery with a capacity of 70 tons per day at the same site where the Solvent Extraction Plant is located. The commercial production has started from 1st February, 2004. The entire expansion was carried out from the company’s internal surplus cash accruals and no financial assistance from any commercial banks or financial institutions was availed.


  • The company is selling the entire capacity of 70 TPD in the local market in barrels of 180 kg, 15 kg/15Ltrs tins, 5 litre Jar, 1 litre pouch and bottle. The company has introduced various range of packaging and has established a name for itself in consumer market. Apart from bulk selling now it is also focusing in consumer market under the registered brand name “RASOYA” all over Maharashtra where it has recruited a team of competent marketing persons. The sale of branded oil in consumer market has already touched 200 tons per month and the company expect to achieve a sales level of 500 tons per month in consumer market in the current financial year. After Maharashtra the company is now planning to extend its net work to other states also.



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