1st Cashback Platform on Blockchain

Evolution of Blockchain by Community, Brands and Shopping.

A revolutionary digital payment method that is bringing buyers and shoppers together to form a mutually beneficial and rewarding community and thus become the global payment method of choice in the near future.


Powerful Opportunities

Profitable, Sustainable and Connected Communities of Brands and Buyers. Mutually enhanced rewards with every purchase enhancing the rewards in the shape of continuously increasing discounts and offers with every purchase at a brand. More the shopping, more the rewards.

Concipitshop offers a complete shopping solution for the community. Covering a full range of vendors and guaranteeing the fulfillment of all the community needs as well as a satisfied and sustainable vendor community that gets sales boost-ups with the concipitshop driven guaranteed shopping by the members.

Discounts with International Brands

Brands and Merchants across the globe from all the business categories are joining the platform and getting enrolled in this community without any fee at all, with a great opportunity to enhance their sales volumes exponentially, without any extra spends on advertising and marketing that could prove excessively costly and still not ensuring returns on spends.

The boost in the vendor’s sales by joining the Concipitshop is certain, as a dedicated percentage of community’s Concipit coins are kept for shopping at concipitshop.com only, to ensure the best utility of cashbacks by the community and a sustainable sales enhancement for the merchants in the community.
Safe and Secure Payment

Secure Blockchain Transactions with immutable, distributed ledger records. Additional security features on top such as, secure login, 2-Factor Authentication and multiple system security walls along with an automated vigilance system monitored by the Concipit1248 support center.

  • Mobile
  • POS
  • Card
Multiple Payment Options

Buy a Concipit1248 package to get the valuable coins by choosing any of the available payment methods, including a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Bank Transfer and Cash Payment at the counters.

Rewards and Vouchers

The most Extraordinary Community Rewards on referrals of shoppers as well as vendors to the shopping world of ConcipitShop. Further rewards as cash back on purchases. Rewards in terms of privileges and ever increasing coin value.

Shopping with

Concipit1248 business will extend beyond the cryptocurrency, offering several blockchain based retail initiatives which include different sectors including consumer products, fashion, electronics, entertainment and more. Concipit1248 community members will draw the highest amount of economic benefits on individual purchases by buying directly on the platform of Concipit1248 named: concipitshop.com

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Fast and Secure

Based on the latest Ethereum based Blockchain Technology that is ideal for a Shopper-Vendor management for secure, trusted, distributed, permanent and immutable transactions as well as for hassle free, fast and seamless buying experiences.

Concipit 1248 is a platform based on Ethereum that will provide speed, reliability and attention to what the community really needs and value, instead of mere technological terminologies and industrial jargons. Being developed on a Virtual Ethereum Machine, it is faster and easier to modify than the various C ++ implementations which are rather complicated in their code bases due to the non-extensible nature and a history of forks and updates in a running blockchain and backward compatibility.

on Blockchain

Concipit1248 is offering ease and security of transactions with access to all major brands and outlets through its Blockchain based E-commerce platform at exclusively rewarding CASHBACKS. This Blockchain community of vendors and shoppers is growing rapidly by using Concipit1248 that offers an exciting E-commerce platform concipitshop.com to shop what you love, with offers difficult to resist, on top of the best prices available, at your dearest brands.

This cash back is an extraordinary reduction on top of the Best Prices being offered by the brands and outlets who benefit from an enhanced business activity and a guaranteed sales boost-up, without having to make any extra spends, saving for themselves massively on the advertising and marketing expenses required to generate new sales.

Digital Assets, Marketing & Technology

Select anyone of the free online courses of your liking to get the valuable knowledge about the modern-day technological revolution of Blockchain Technology, Blockchain Utility, Cryptoworld of opportunities and Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence as well as the Utility of revolutionary Funnel Marketing for community development. Courses are available in all different languages for the diverse community.

Token Sale

ICO Crypto Token launch will be made in Switzerland in the heart of Europe using the reliable Ethereum platform. This has ensured the confidence of the community taking part in the ICO for a secure, trusted and beneficial contribution by all means. The token thus is compatible with trusted third-party service wallets, exchanges etc. and provides easy integration.


Stage 01:


  • April 2019 - June 2019
  • 50,000,000 Tokens

Stage 02:


  • July 2019 - December 2019
  • 50,000,000 Tokens

Stage 03:

Public Token Sale:

  • December 2019 - December 2020
  • 100,000,000 Tokens
  • Soft Cap
  • 1 Million Euro
  • Hard Cap
  • 10 Million Euro
Bonus Program:

Various packages to choose from with multiple bonuses and rewards on each. Extra bonuses for referrals into the community.

  • 20%
    Public ICO
  • 10%
    Private Sale
  • 10%

Token Sale Allocation

A well-planned distribution of coins in private and public sale before and after the ICO listing, to ensure a step wise release of the tokens and coins for a maximized community reach.

  • Private Sale 10 %
  • Pre-Sale 10 %
  • Public ICO 20 %
  • Bonus Token 20 %
  • Company 5 %
  • Referral Pool 10 %
  • Marketing Partnership 10 %
  • Team 10 %
  • Bounty Program 5 %

CONCIPIT1248 Roadmap

  • Q3-2018 : Blockchain Technology

    POW platform built for Concipit1248 based on the Ethereum Blockchain Technology with additional security features on top.

  • Q4-2018 : Planning Roll-out for International Exchanges

    Planning team formed for arranging enlisting of Concipit1248 at international cryptocurrency exchanges including MT4.

  • Q1-2019 : ICO, Private and Pre-Sale

    Pre- Sale for Concipit1248 tokens started and an ICO launch planned in the heart of Europe Switzerland.

  • Q2-2019 : Management Centre

    Management and contact centre Estonia in Europe as the regional head office initiated.Contact centres planned in the whole of Europe and around the world

  • Q3-2019 : Concipit E-Commerce Paltform Release

    Concipitshop.com launched with an overwhelming response of the eagerly awaiting community of shoppers and merchants mutually benefitting from it.

  • Q4-2019 : CON Token Listing

    Concipit1248 token by the iconic symbol of CON representing the community, listed in ICO with a smart contract and the blockchain wallet development loaded on Github.

  • Q1-2020 : Concipitshop 2.0 with new Ecosystem Affiliates

    A new Ecosystem of Concipitshop with a whole lot of new affiliates added to the list of famous brands and merchants with exclusive community rewards. Concipit debit card released with a wide network of shopping and withdrawal outlets. A registration of Concipit1248 at major cryptocurrency exchanges including MT4 planned to be processed.