If You are an architect and planning to launch your agency, or you already have a business but plan to develop it, then you need to think about how.

Always discovering new firms begins with search engines. Of course, some orders may come through acquaintances and recommendations. But a potential client still goes to the search engine to learn more about you. Think about what he’ll see. How to create an interior design website to please the customer?

To do the task, you must first decide what the portal should be. Of course, the appearance must be stylish, modern, and consistent with the areas in which you work. However, this isn’t the only job. The site should also be user-friendly, understandable, and useful to visitors.

There is a product that is able to cope with all these tasks – ready-made templates. You can find examples on TemplateMonster. Let’s figure out how to create an unforgettable portal for any architecture.

Study The Product

The interior design website templates are ready-made appearance layouts. After installation of which, the look and not only changes completely.

Usually, developers add many more useful options to the product:

  • SEO-friendly, helping to advance in search engines.
  • Responsive design is responsible for the appearance on the screens of various gadgets.
  • Drag and Drop so you may easily edit without affecting the website code.
  • Drop-down menu, Google Maps, quick view, site search, and other important elements to get acquainted with the ready-made apartment projects you have already worked on.
  • Multicurrency and multilingual to get customers among citizens of other countries.

Note that each development is suitable only for one of the content management systems – OpenCart, WordPress, PrestaShop, Shopify, and Magento. Therefore, you should carefully read the description or initially filter out only the one you need.

Making a flat design site with such a development isn’t so difficult. To do this, you need to decide on hosting (by the way, TemplateMonster also has such a service), buy a domain name, select a CMS and decide on a template.

Look at the successful examples you’ll rely on while developing your portal.

Interior Design Portfolio Website Examples

There are several features common to all similar portals. This is the pages’ appearance, the important sections, and the style should match the one in which you are working. For example, if you create houses in a classic style, then the pages of the official website on the Internet should be similar.

Often, during repairs, people look for a company and read thematic blogs. For example, smilyhomes, where they get important information. Note that such news sections resemble examples of the most famous design agencies.

Let’s look at examples of what famous companies look like, and then we’ll understand how to create an interior design website. This point helps to understand the trends, all portals’ compositions, and what accents they do to promote the firm.

So here are several links to the most famous examples around the world:

  • stacarchitects project from Bulgaria.
  • hh-studio architects from Dubai.

As you can see, in appearance, everything is so simple that it may seem that there is no work as such. However, you see a competent appearance and many accents in the projects’ photographs. To answer the question of how to create an interior design website, discover the best ones and be guided by the style and main accents. Don’t need fancy graphics and intricate fonts to present your ready-made looks for flats or houses to the public in a favorable light.

Now let’s look at where and how to choose such layouts.

The Subtleties Of Choosing A Suitable Template

If you haven’t had such experience, we recommend using well-known marketplaces. For example, let’s take TemplateMonster. These guys have been in the market for a long time. The marketplace has segmentation even by types of business and CMS. Therefore, it’s easier for readers to find a ready-made solution.

Site features:

  • A convenient filter creates a specific selection of products for your needs. Different management systems, colors, ratings, and business types offer the visitor filter.
  • There are additional services to create a quality portal. For example, hosting, creating unique graphics, presentation templates, and a selection of individual elements to create a unique look.
  • There are sales. The list of discount offers is constantly updated.
  • Low prices, no markups. The marketplace has proposals from different developers. In this case, the site doesn’t charge any additional fees. If you contact the developers directly, you buy at the same price.
  • Big choice. There are so many offers that you may get lost. That’s why there is a cool and useful filter.
  • Complex offers. MonsterOne is a great option if you want to make many purchases at once or have several businesses.

The site is generally quite popular and has extensive experience in its field. So they are trusted.

Secrets Of Choosing The Right Template

When thinking about how to create an interior design website, you also need to approach the choice of layout correctly.

Here’s what to look for:

  • Color schemes. The developer offers several options. Usually, it’s three or four pieces. Look at exactly what colors are used and what shades the details have. You get acquainted with these data by seeing the Demo. Think about how beautifully the logo fits into a particular color scheme.
  • Pay attention to how the page is presented, where ready-made photos of apartments and past projects are shown. This is your firm’s portfolio. Perhaps the section is the most important on the site. After all, visitors want to see experience and craftsmanship, what accents you use, and how you manage space and color. Therefore, pay special attention to the choice of this section. The background and other page elements shouldn’t have too many accents and graphics. The main message is photos of apartments and apartments.
  • Check the product description. Above, we mentioned the essential points for any business – SEO-friendly, Drag and Drop, responsive design, and more. All options should be in your layout.

Remember, the appearance should please you. After all, it carries the aesthetic message and the main style of your company to develop a cozy, stylish and thoughtful space.

A Selection Of The Best Templates

Let’s be honest; the proposals list you’ll see is incredibly cool. It has everything you need for a studio to create comfortable housing. However, we have picked up great examples similar to the agencies we mentioned earlier. See more useful reviews here.


This development is incredibly clean, simple, and understandable. Also, in the Demo, we see details on the background, similar to the texture of a tree. This gives a feeling of homely warmth, comfort, and the naturalness of finishing materials in repair. Excellent demonstration of photographs with rooms plays a big role. We also note the built-in store below, where you may see the flipping of finishing coatings (in their place, there may be your goods and miscalculations of the cost of services).

The performance is beautiful and understandable. The accents are correctly placed. The options list has everything you need to grow your agency successfully.

The price of $ 59 in combination with what the buyer receives does seem unrealistically low.


The development has a completely different color scheme and, as a result, the viewing experience. There is a clear emphasis on dark shades, high cost, and solidity. At the same time, there are beautiful accents, smooth animation, and competent placement of information on the main page.

Also, upload videos to the background. This may become your main feature. The content story shows the workflows or stages of work and how you create a truly finished architectural shader.

The price of 29 dollars seems completely unrealistic. The development is relatively new, so you’ll be on the first buyer’s list.


Check out this absolute hit. Development in a relatively short time won the love of many. It contains many options, free bonuses, and ready-made layouts for different activity types.

Just look at the number of sales and ratings and understand that such a satisfied customers’ list isn’t formed from scratch. Therefore, the purchase is worth the money spent.


Using the example of world-famous architectural agencies, you can create a stunning portal. Thanks to ready-made templates, save your budget dozens of times. Why spend a lot of money, because the result is about the same. Creating such a unique development from scratch also takes a lot of time. If you want more knowledge in the selection field, use, and settings, read our useful links here, there, and right here.


What are interior design website templates?

These products are pre-made layouts for a site with a ready-made look. It’s adaptable and customizable. For example, choose colors and fonts, and move individual parts of pages.

How to create an interior design website with a template?

The list of actions is as follows – buying a hosting, choosing a domain name, selecting a ready-made template, and setting it up. To edit the purchased product, the developers have added detailed instructions. Therefore, with the settings of special questions should not arise.

How to use interior design website examples in practice?

Finding the most renowned agencies in your field gives you a general idea of ​​​​what an ideal portal looks like. Yes, there’ll be differences even among the market leaders. But the style, the main accents, and the look are very similar.

Where can I find home decor website templates?

It’s better to buy these developments on trusted sites. We recommend TemplateMonster because the company has a lot of experience and a good reputation. Also, the variety of choices and the number of offers is amazing. There, any business owner finds a suitable option.


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