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Crystal Lake Revises Interpretation of Geochemical Data to Review Drill Target Selection to Intercept Massive Nickel- Copper-Cobalt Targets at Depth
Friday, 24 March 2017 02:13

Crystal Lake Revises Interpretation of Geochemical Data to
Review Drill Target Selection to Intercept Massive Nickel-
Copper-Cobalt Targets at Depth

Vancouver, BC – Crystal Lake Mining Corporation (TSX-V: “CLM”), or the “Company” is pleased
to announce exploration results from its EL1 Property in NW Ontario EL1 (formerly known as the
Allen Property).

The difficulty of finding a massive sulphide source of high-grade nickel-copper- cobalt sulphides
on a large mafic-ultramafic body prompted management to employ an interpretative
geochemical study referred to as “SGH” (Spatiotemporal Geochemical Hydrocarbons”). This
method was selected in order to unravel surface mineralized trends to depth and pinpoint
targets for drilling. Following a recent re-interpretation of data with Actlabs geoscientists and
Crystal Lake consultants, the Company is confident that it has identified possible deep targets of
more massive nickel-copper- cobalt mineralization on its EL1 property though this innovative
nano-geochemical process.

SGH is an “organic”, deep-penetrating geochemical survey which targets individual metals. In
this instance, Ni, Cu and PGEs were analyzed and presented as separate anomalies. SGH is the
only known organic geochemical method that, in spite of the name, uses “non-gaseous” semi-
volatile organic compounds interpreted using a forensic signature approach. The analysis
involves the testing for 162 hydrocarbon compounds in the C5-C17 carbon series. These
hydrocarbons have been shown to be residues from the decomposition of bacteria and
microbes that feed on the target commodity as they require inorganic elements to catalyze the
reactions necessary to develop hydrocarbons and grow cells in their life cycle. Specific classes of
hydrocarbons have been successful in delineating mineral targets found at over 950 meters in
depth. SGH is unique and should not be confused with other hydrocarbon tests or traditional
analyses that measure C1 (methane) to C5 (pentane) or other gases.

Actlabs SGH analysis has successfully shown the presence of deeply buried mineral deposits for
other companies. In a Canadian Mineral Research Organization project (CAMIRO) initiated
in1997, nine of ten mineral deposits were successfully detected at study sites that were
specifically chosen where other geochemical methods were previously unsuccessful.

The study sites included magmatic Ni-Cu sulphides as one target and a unique finger print was
developed for this deposit type. The applicability of SGH for exploration has resulted in the
availability of a cost-effective method which can be used in tandem with geophysics to improve
success rate. Hence management may conduct further geophysics to improve future drilling

The re-interpretation of the SGH Pathfinder Class maps illustrates anomalies that are vertical
projections over mineralization at the shallowest location. Identified nested-segmented halo
anomalies suggest that due to the significant larger dispersion patterns the source of the
mineralized fluids may be found deeper.

The SGH results at the EL1 Property survey illustrate separate anomalies with signatures
associated with copper, nickel and PGE. Based on the Laboratory SGH rating scale of 0 to 6 the
results of the Dobie intrusion study on the patented EL1 ground has been rated from 5.0 to 5.5;
this indicates highly rated drill targets.

Wally Boguski CEO & President of Crystal Lake states: "We are encouraged that the re-
interpretation has pointed us to increasingly prospective drill targets. The data is consistent with
our Geological team’s belief that a possible source of massive high-grade Nickel/Cobalt
mineralization may be found at depth with further drilling”.
Mr. Paul Pitman is a qualified person as defined by NI 43-101 and has reviewed and approved
the technical contents of this press release regarding the ELI project, NW Ontario.

About the Company

Crystal Lake is a mineral exploration company focused on creating value through the exploration and development of its British Columbia and Ontario mineral properties. Crystal is presently completing the  analysis of a Stage 1 drilling program in and around Emo, Ont. and preparing commencement of Phase 2 For further information please contact RAMA Communications at 250-899 4889 or  e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

On behalf of The Board of Directors of Crystal Lake Mining Corporation.
Robert Michor, Director VP