Our Philosophy: More Joy!

At Brillig we believe that a good time should be had by all. We provide a non-alcoholic, inclusive, and lively bar-like atmosphere. We create more joy for ourselves and our customers, which we strive to deliver in all our interactions, with the entertainment we provide and events we sponsor, and by the thoughtful, creative beverages and snacks we serve. We pour our hearts into creating an alternative to the myth that recreation requires alcohol consumption, particularly for teens and young adults.

While our initial concept was sparked by a deep desire to support those who abstain from alcohol, especially people who avoid alcohol and bars because of addiction-related, health or religious reasons, we have found that there are many reasons customers enjoy our space.

Come on by and exercise your smile muscles! We would like to serve you more joy….

Nic Sims, Founder

Nic loves creativity in all forms— as a professional chef, a graphic designer and an entrepreneur. She developed Brillig to give back to a recovery community that continues to deeply support her, her family, and friends. Brillig is a labor of love and a family business.

A really excellent place with a great atmosphere. The space is beautiful, the staff are awesome, and the clientele is much more pleasant than your typical bar. I’ll be back again whenever they’re open!