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Wally Boguski, President/CEO & Director

Wally Boguski has over 30 years experience in the mining and banking industry. Wally has been involved in strategic development planning and in capital market financing of early stage mining companies for the past 24 years. Wally has worked on several mining projects in Canada and Mexico. Wally began his career in the banking sector and managed financing and credit facilities for commodities related companies in Canada for a major Canadian bank and a credit union organization . Wally’s education is in business administration, commercial law and accounting.


Alphonse Ruggiero, Chief Financial Officer

Al Ruggiero is a financial consultant with an extensive accounting and finance background. He is a CPA and has worked with major accounting firms as an audit manager, as a director of internal audits for a major corporation and has worked extensively in Continuing Professional Education in association with the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.


Ruben Verzosa, P. Eng., Qualified Person (QP)

Mr. Ruben Verzosa, P. Eng., a Qualified Person (QP) as defined by NI 43-101.

Ruben Verzosa has more than 40 years of experience in exploration, development and mining in precious and base metals as well as oil and coal. After graduating in 1958 with an honours degree in Geology from the University of the Philippines, he began his early career as a resident geologist in an underground and open pit copper and gold mine in the Philippines. A brief stint with Mobil Oil Philippines saw him involved in the regional geological mapping of the entire Philippine archipelago. Thereafter, his mineral exploration and mining experience continued in Canada working for a number of junior mining companies conducting and supervising exploration and development programs, both surface and underground. Major responsibilities included projects management, mining geology and extensive property evaluations during his employment with Teck Resources Ltd. With Denison Mines Ltd. Mr. Verzosa managed the company's Belcourt and Wildhay coal exploration programs. As a consulting geologist, Mr. Verzosa carried out assignments in Mexico, Central and South America, China, Indonesia and the Philippines. Mr. Verzosa has been a director and officer of a number of junior mineral resource companies.


Paul Pitman BSc. Geology, PGeo.



Mr. Robert (Bob) Michor

Mr. Robert (Bob) Michor is a Businessman/Realtor has being involved in the financing, management and Logistics of Canadian mining companies for 15 years.


Geological Technical Team

Dr. Frank Puskas
Dr. Puskas is an honors graduate and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Geology with a 
minor in chemistry from McMaster University, a Master of Science degree with a minor in  chemistry from Lehigh University and a PhD from Lehigh University/University of Minnesota.

Dr. Puskas has a proven track record which include 14 discoveries with INCO and Anaconda 
American Brass, of which 10 became productive mines.

Dr. Puskas has over 30 years’ experience in the mining industry; he previously worked for the 
Ontario Department of Mines and the Geological Society of Canada, was a senior staff geologist 
for 23 years with International Nickel Company (INCO) and worked as the senior geologist for 7 
years with Anaconda American Brass where he was charge of exploration in central Canada.
While working with INCO, he reviewed, interpreted, and supervised exploration for all 
commodities worldwide.  Many projects were extensive in area and involved large data sets. 
Many of the geological models developed by Dr. Puskas became the basis from which area 
plays later results.
Dr. Puskas is currently a member of the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada, 
(PDAC) and has pending professional accreditation with the Association of Geoscientists of 
Large area projects involving large databases which were successfully decoded and modeled by 
Dr. Puskas include the following:

  • Noranda – Rouyn entire 35 mine volcanogenic massive sulphides (VMS) Camp; the lead edge VMS model is being reviewed prior to publication
  • Discovered Casa Berardi break which led to discovery of the producing mines at Douay  (1.85Moz Au) and the three mines (>3 Moz Au) at Casa Berardi
  • Modeled ultramafic komatiitic flows hosting Langmuir (Cu-Ni-Co – PGM) mine and  entire Shaw Dome and Alexo mine
  • Modeled INCO’s Widgemootha (4Mt Cu-Ni-Co) mine and entire Kambalda Dome in  Western Australia
  • Chester – Osprey Twps studies resulted in first to identify Au – Ag – Mo – Cu sulphide  mineralization as porphyry hosted, study included discovery of open pittable Au deposit  at Cote Lake
  • Modeled 50 Mt deposit located north of Voisey’s Bay (150 Mt Cu-Ni-Co) discovery
  • Three major discoveries (San Alberto, 1.7 Mt Tepal, 40 Mt El Violin, 75 Mt) with one  producer in the Chilanzingo – Obregon area of the Crystal Lakes, Mexico\modeled and  discovered VMS mineralization north of producing mines at Buchans, Newfoundland
  • Modeled Kirkland Lake Au camp, Anoki mine and Upper Canada mine
  • Discovered and modeled resurgent cauldera hosting epigenetic Au-Ag mineralization of 2  Mt at Vault, BC
  • Identified new resource following modeling of Shebandowan (17 Mt Cu-Ni-Co – PGM)  mine
  • Modeled Thompson mine (.80 Mt Cu-Ni-Co-PGM) and Thompson Nickel Belt following  a three year underground study
  • Discovered and modeled Marathon Cu-Ni – PGM sulphide deposit of 91 Mt, same model  was successfully applied to Duluth (Minn, USA), Sudbury (ON, CAN), and Stillwater  (Mon, USA)

Dr. Peter Fisher
Dr. Fischer holds a PhD in Geology (1967), a MSc. in Geology (1963) and a BSc in Natural
Sciences (1960) from the University of Munich, Germany.
He has over 40 years’ experience with many of the world's recognized leaders in the mineral 
industry including Inco, Copper Fox Metals Inc., Osprey Gold Corp., Condor Gold Inc., Goldeye 
Explorations Inc., Novawest Resources Inc., BHP Minerals Canada Ltd. and many others.
Dr. Fischer is a hands-on exploration geologist with specialized knowledge in Archean base 
metal, precious metal deposits, porphyry copper deposits and Proterozoic uranium deposits, 
mainly in Canada, the United States, Europe and Africa. He has extensive experience in planning 
and managing exploration programs, planning and evaluating drill programs, conceptual 
modeling of ore bodies, field and laboratory work. He also has extensive experience in 
petrography and expertise in microscopy.
His practical experience includes:

  • Uranium, Ni -PGMs (Sudbury, Thompson Nickel Belt, Raglan, Stillwater - Montana, Duluth -
  • VMS (Noranda - Quebec)
  • Au - Cu porphyry (British Columbia, Yukon)
  • Au (Kirkland Lake). 


John Gruetzner 

Mr. Gruetzner is the current General Manager of Emerald Lake Development Corporation and is the principal and founder of Intercedent, a Canadian business and investment advisory firm founded in 1988 and focused in Asia. Interceding has offices in Beijing, Hong Kong and Singapore. Before joining Interceding in 1991, Mr. Gruetzner served as the head of the Broadcasting Corporation, De Laurentis Entertainment, and Filmline. Mr. Gruetzner received a B.A. in Political Science from the University of Toronto and studied Mandarin Chinese at the University of Nankai in Tianjin.

Mr. Gruetzner has a diverse range of skills related to conducting business in Asia including market entry and sales development, investment advisory, capital raising and corporate government engagement strategies. Mr. Gruetzner current focus is on facilitating commercial transactions arising from China’s new outward investment policy.

Mr. Gruetzner has lived and worked in China for over 30 years. During that period he has advised approximately 10% of the Fortune 500 in financial services, telecommunications, logistics and air express and resources and manufacturing. Clients have included Allstate, Federal Express, Motorola, General Motors, IBM, Lexmark, Siemens, Syngenta, Tack, Reinsurance Group of America, etc.

He is a Director on a number of public and private sector Boards. He is also an Executive in Residence at the University of Manchester Business Scholl. Mr. Gruetzner contributes articles to a number of publications and lectured at or to over 20 MBA Schools worldwide. Mr. Grutzner is also the Chairman of the Advisory Committee of Jump Foundation. He received a Medallion last year from The Governor General of Canada in recognition of his contribution to the bi-lateral relations between China and Canada.

He also advised World Wildlife Fund, the World Bank, the Export Development Corporation of Canada and the Canadian International Development Agency in China at a period when it provided development assistance to the State Council in China.

In addition to speaking Mandarin Chinese, Mr. Gruetzner speaks and has worked in French and lived in France, and through doing many cross-border deals between Chinese, US, European and other Asian companies.