The Angola Star

Exceptional polished diamonds accent the astounding "Angola Star", which rests on a 32" chain containing 12 additional rough diamonds.

The striking "Angola Star" was unearthed in its namesake country of Angola, after nearly a billion years in the making.

Extremely unique in size, shape and character, it is the prize jewel of Diamond in the Rough's impressive collection.

Angola Africa

The 217.39-carat central rough diamond acted as our muse when creating a setting worthy to cradle a gemstone of this stature. Our master jewelers created two initial settings, but neither complimented this truly mesmerizing rough in the way we desired. It was our third (and current) take on the design that was most in harmony with the natural characteristics of this historic, conflict-free gem.

Until this point, the identity of the "Angola Star" has been characterized by its grand size and unique personality. But, like all of the world's most famous jewels, it is the owner who brings the piece to life and writes its story.

1 billion
minimum number of years needed for the earth's formation of the Angola Star
number of years royalty throughout Europe have worn rough diamonds