Exterior panels are panels made up of hardboard or wafer board and solid wood as the basic ingredient. Paneling constructed of solid wood or hardboard is normally primed and finished in the field, though some finishing may be done during the production process. This exterior panel enhances the beauty of the large solid wood structure, you get it made witty with great love, and you call it a house. In the olden times, the use of bricks was common, infact large rocks were used to build the boundaries. 

There was not much advancement in panels until 2000 but after it, things worked out, new SMD lights are being implemented, fresh thought not to be mad. Front-Tek is the company that makes the best panels and tiles for the outside and inside of your building, from the best-handpicked material and unique experts. The experience accumulated over decades in production plants is dedicated to the production they do. If you still want to know where to get exterior paneling in the USA, you must read this article.


Reco Gres, a company established in Spain with a long history in ceramics dating back to 1940, is represented by Front-Tek. Their decades of experience in the production of high-tech ceramic products have allowed them to establish themselves as a credible source and benchmark in the distribution of ventilated facades, porcelain, porcelain stoneware, and klinker products both domestically and globally. 

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Front-tek brings some amazing and innovative features that make the brand more appealing to the audience. The Front-Tek rain screen extruded porcelain siding system strength is their flagship product. It is highly resistant and durable, an all-weather material irrespective of chilling snow or hot summers. Elimination of thermal bridges occurs which saves energy up to 35%, the material is lightweight and easy to install, an unlimited variety of colors and textures is there too. The material is so easy to handle at the site as it can be cut easily.

It reduces thermal jumps and comes with acoustic insulation. It delivers acoustic gains of roughly 4dBA in the 1000 Hz region, where the human ear is most sensitive, providing excellent sound shielding. In addition to sheltering residents from outside noise, sound leakage from the inner side is also reduced. 

People get exterior paneling specifically from Fron-Tek as it exceeds all ICC fire resistance requirements and you can get free maintenance after you do a one-time installment at getting it installed the first time. 


If you want to get exterior paneling in Edison USA, you must see to Front-Tek. They have dedicated customer care where you can have a consultation meeting. You can see different paneling products, materials, and sizes on their website and plan what you want in your dream house. Using these exterior panels will make your house look amazing too.

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