UFO LED high bay lights are LED lights that resemble UFOs and are mostly used for commercial or industrial illumination, such as in warehouses, factories, garages, malls, etc. They may light expansive regions.

In general, the application of UFO commercial grade led parking lot lights relies on ceiling height, installation angle, luminous flux, light fixture power, etc. If you install a 100W UFO LED high bay light in a 10-foot-high room, the extreme brightness will be overwhelming. In contrast, if you mounted a standard bedroom LED light in a warehouse over 15 feet or even 40 feet high, you would not get the appropriate level of illumination. 

Round UFO High Bays

No longer in use are massive metal halide and high-pressure sodium lights. Many individuals choose UFO LED high bays for their lighter, more streamlined style. The term “UFO” alludes to the circular form of this kind of high bay, as suggested by its name. These visually beautiful, compact lights provide the most advanced LED technology and high-quality light output – a must for commercial and industrial applications in the present day. They are one of the greatest solutions for spaces with high ceilings – often more than 20 feet – and guarantee an equal distribution of light across the room. UFO LED high bay lights are quickly gaining popularity for lighting huge areas, such as retail shops, warehouses, horse arenas, and sports complexes.

It is not surprising that Sylvania’s UFO LED High Bay has been a best-seller for many years, given the company’s long-standing reputation in the industry. The IP65-rated airtight casing of the Sylvania UFO eliminates exposure to hardware and crevices where moisture and germs may develop and pose safety problems.

Sylvania’s UFO LED High Bay is available in four wattages and three distinct color temperatures 3500K, 4000K, and 5000K (something you won’t find with other high bays on our list). It may be mounted using a hook, pendant, or surface mount to accommodate a range of uses. It may be used alone or in conjunction with a polycarbonate refractor or an aluminum reflector (sold separately). This fixture has a rated lifespan of 150,000 hours and a DLC Premium listing.

At this price range, you won’t find another UFO LED high bay with comparable performance. This fixture has a polycarbonate lens as standard, and like Sylvania’s, the PRO LIGHTING UFO LED High Bay may be utilized in any retail, warehouse, gymnasium, or industrial application. There is also a DLC Premium listing. Both fixtures are covered by a substantial five-year guarantee, which is something to enjoy while working in hostile environments.

Reasons Why UFO High Bay Lights Are A Hit!

  1. They are much smaller than the options you may choose. They offer the brightest light possible while taking up the least amount of area.
  2. Whether you choose warm white 3000K or the wildly popular pure white 5000K, the light is pure and crisp. No flashing, zebra stripes, or other visually irritating patterns.
  3. When you combine the new, smaller area with high-end LEDs that produce 130 lumens per watt, you can understand why they are far more energy-efficient than a typical light.
  4. UFO high bay LED lights are eco-friendly, lead and mercury-free, and green. They do not contain any harmful substances and are safe for the environment.
  5. The light is soothing and uniform without strobing, making it safe for the eyes.
  6. With an IP65 rating for water and dust resistance and an anti-surge protection mechanism, they are suitable for usage in wet areas and other hostile conditions.
  7. The temperature of the lights stays low due to the minimal heat emission of LEDs and the great heat dissipation efficiency of the aluminum casing. The lights are softer and less prone to overheat and catch fire.
  8. The UFO has remarkable thermal qualities as well. The LED light’s heat is readily absorbed by the UFO’s aluminum body, which also functions as a heat sink.
  9. The outside shells of the lights were treated using a paint-baking process, resulting in an extended lifespan. They are resistant to oxidation, salt fog, corrosion, and rust, so there is no need to replace them regularly.
  10. Furthermore, these LED lights are long-lasting, with LEDs fitted that last about 100,000 hours! Thus, assuring that you will not spend a fortune on their upkeep or replacement.
  11. Another significant advantage is that it does not need reflectors to concentrate light and decrease glare; instead, the UFO High Bay Lights’ built-in light angle substantially improves the light’s direction and focus. This implies that light angles of 60, 90, and 120 degrees may be ordered.
  12. As if that weren’t enough, the UFO High Bay lights provide the greatest Lumen per Watt output in the industry at the lowest retail price. It requires just 200 Watts to produce 26,000 lumens and costs only $299, making it a must-have for anybody with a sense of economy and an eye for efficiency. 

Final thoughts

When illuminating a vast interior area, LED High Bay Light is an ideal option. This kind of illumination is suitable for a variety of interior environments, including factories, gyms, warehouses, and huge department shops. High bay lights are strong and bright enough to offer appropriate foot candles in expansive, vertically, and horizontally expansive regions.


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