About us

Welcome to Smily Homes,

Smily Homes is a passionate homeowner that believes home is where the heart is.

As an avid blogger, I’ve written about so many subjects, but somehow never managed to “put pen to paper” when it came to writing about one of my favorite subjects in the world – home improvement.

When my husband and I bought our first house back in 1987, we dove right in and signed the deal on a fixer-upper. It led us down the path of a bazillion home improvement projects, from remodeling the kitchen to redoing the entirety of the flooring and even digging up half our property to build our own garden. It quickly became an addiction that spanned some 30 odd years.

And now, five homes and an unmeasurable number of renovation and improvement projects (obsessions) later, we’ve found our ideal hearth – the last, though probably neverending, improvement project for my husband and me.

Having learned and worked hands-on through so many different ideas, projects, and grand do-overs, I decided to put my home improvement expertise and skillset as a blogger to use. This is why I created Smily Homes – to help homeowners find the inspiration and know-how for their own improvement projects. Helping them get the information they need to build the house and hearth of their dreams – the right way!

Whether you’re interested in learning everything there is to know about picking out the right kitchen cabinets or even the steps to create an ideal environment for a good night’s sleep at home – you’ve come to the right place by finding your way over to my blog.

So be sure to stay tuned and keep up with my blogs about everything to do with our homes, families, and lives!


Team Smily Homes