It’s always amazing when you have the desired temperature in your home and have fun with your family. But what if your thermostat stops working and starts blinking red?

Is your nest thermostat blinking red for more than an hour?

Now, is it not maintaining the temperature?

Is your nest thermostat blinking red and not turning on? Did you try all the tricks, and all they are useless?

So, this article will surely help you.

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We did deep research on it, searched everywhere, all the possible ways, and came up with a solution that can help your thermostat work properly.

We will first see – why my nest thermostat is blinking red? Then, we will see the proper solution to overcome this error!

What does it mean when the Nest thermostat blinking red?

thermostat blinking red

There could be many reasons due to which your thermostat might be blinking red. We are going to see them one by one.

Due to Low Battery, Nest thermostat blinking red.

Nest thermostat blinks red, usually due to low battery charged or battery is running low. 

Most of the time, it gets charged itself, and you don’t have to take action.

But sometimes, the red blinking doesn’t stop and keeps on blinking.

If your thermostat is also blinking red and isn’t stopping, so you have to figure out the primary cause.

If your thermostat is blinking red, then you have to be patient enough to solve this problem.

Wait for at least an hour so that your nest thermostat can be charged. 

It could take around half an hour or more than an hour.

There might be technical malfunctions.

Usually, if the thermostat blinks red, then it stops automatically after an hour or two. 

But, if it doesn’t stop, then there is something wrong that you have to figure out and resolve. 

Your thermostat might require a software update

If your nest thermostat is blinking red and is not stopping, it might need a software update. 

For that, you have to check your mobile application. 

You can keep your nest thermostat updated by reading this simple article.

Check your HVAC system.

Your nest thermostat can be unresponsive when there is some fault with your HVAC system. 

Check the connection of your nest thermostat with your HVAC system.

If your HVAC system is not working properly, then this HVAC could be the main reason. 

For this, you have to call an HVAC professional technician.

Troubleshooting – Red light blinking on the thermostat

There are many ways to fix this red blinking of your thermostat.

We are going to see all of them one by one.

Along with that, I’ll provide the necessary article links that’ll help you to troubleshoot the issue.

You should wait – Your thermostat will be back in a normal situation.

Most of the time, the red blinking of the thermostat automatically fades away.

What you need is just patience.

Due to the low battery, the thermostat blinks red. At this time, it will automatically get charged on its own.

Your nest thermostat could take more than an hour to charge on the whole level.

So, wait and keep looking at your thermostat to see if it is coming into the normal position or not.

Use a USB cable to speed up the charging.

Sometimes, it takes a massive amount of time to charge your nest thermostat.

But you don’t want to wait.

In this case, you can speed up the charging process by using a USB cable.

Just pull out the Nest display and use the USB port on the back to charge it rapidly.

Check if your thermostat requires a software update.

Another reason the red light on the thermostat is a software update.

Have you updated your thermostat to the latest version?

If not, then please update it right away using your nest application.

Check your HVAC system and related wire connections.

Your nest thermostat would stop working and start blinking red if your HVAC is not working.

So, kindly check all the connections whether it is okay or not.

In case you find some wiring issue, please call the HVAC technician.

Reset your Nest thermostat

If none of the things works for you, then reset your nest thermostat.

Resetting your thermostat will bring it to the default settings and will start working correctly.

If resetting doesn’t work – call nest customer care.

If resetting the nest thermostat doesn’t work for you, please call Nest customer care for a better resolution. 

They’ll surely be able to help you.

My Nest thermostat not charging – What should I do?

Okay, understood.

We can stop the red blinking of the nest thermostat by charging it.

But what if it’s not charging.

Sometimes, you keep charging your Nest thermostat, but it is not charging, and the red light keeps on flashing.

Below are some of the fixes that you can try to charge your nest thermostat.

Check if your Nest thermostat is connected perfectly to the base.

Before being panicked, check if your Nest thermostat has been installed perfectly or not.

Installing your nest thermostat in the correct order will surely start charging your device again.

Check the C wire

Sometimes, with time the C-wire gets loose, due to which the thermostat doesn’t get the necessary power to charge itself. 

For that, check your c-cable to see if it is perfectly connected with the thermostat.

Charge it with a USB cable

Another method that you can try to charge your nest thermostat is to use a USB cable.

But, don’t try to use a computer or laptop USB cable.

Finally, you can change the battery.

If none o

If none of the tricks work for you, then try to change the battery of the nest thermostat

Once the thermostat changes the battery, it will work perfectly.



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