Loose connections, bad power cord, and resistance levels are the main cause if your Peloton won’t turn on. So before taking mechanical help, it’s better to look at these connections. Also, fixing the power jack, screen settings, and resetting the peleton are some good fixes you can try.”

Peloton bike or bike + is an advanced fitness cycle for indoor workout lovers.

The peloton bike setup include multiple links with the power supply and its ports.

These connections should be well attached to turn on the bike. So before starting the Peloton, you should check certain things.

The following ports you should check are below.

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Why is my peloton screen not turning on?

Loose power cord and power brick.

Peloton bike’s power cord and the power brick are two crucial connections you should check first. However, it is checked by everyone, but still, possibilities of error can come.

So make sure the power cord is plugged into the outlet. If you have any doubt, plug it out and in again.

There is a power brick to recheck the Peloton bike plus power cord.

We know that Peloton bike or bike+ comes with a power jack. It is a small and flat-shaped device that connects with the supply cord.

peloton power jack
Peloton power jack

Sometimes, the power supply cord gets disconnected from the brick sides. If you see a similar issue, plug in correctly.

Remember, a loose attachment between the power brick and the supply cord won’t turn on the peloton bike.

So all that means:

  • Ensure the supply cord is properly plugged into the socket or power outlet.
  • Check the power brick if there has a loose connection with the cord.
  • Plug in or out the peloton cord.
  • Plug in the cable with another outlet if you have doubts.
  • Make sure the power brick flashes a green signal after the connection.
  • Check if the cable is damaged or needs to be replaced.

When the above things are checked, press the bike’s power button. If it turns on, the problem is solved. If not, you can read this article on how to fix pelotont power cord.

The power Adapter of the peloton bike won’t turn on the screen

After checking the power cord and brick, is the Peloton not turning on?

Maybe the issue is hidden in the power adapter.

At the base of the Peloton bike, there is a power adapter. This port connects the supply cord with your machine.

If the power adapter does not attach properly, the peloton bike won’t turn on. So make sure the cord is firmly attached. If not, pull it back and reconnect with the port or adapter.

Peloton bike + adapter flashes Tiny white light that indicates proper connection. In contrast, a standard bike doesn’t have the latest features.

Resistance Mechanism of the Peloton Bike

Now comes a complex method while your Peloton doesn’t turn on.

The resistance mechanism allows the cycle to rotate with adjustable intensity.

This part of the machine locates underneath the machine circle (where pedals are attached). There are multiple types of equipment that fit to proceed the resistance mechanism.

But you need to focus on its wire connection.

When you take a closer look, you will find different links with Peloton bike and bike+.

Peloton bike resistance mechanisms include two-wire connections on the left side while the peloton bike + has a single USB C + connection on the right side.

Now check and confirm that the cables are correctly connected.

During a long time, these connections lose their place. It mostly happens with the peloton Bike + version.

All that means the connection of the resistance mechanism should be in place. Otherwise, the Peloton won’t turn on after power outage.


  • Check the mechanism part at daylight or use a torch for clear visual.
  • Do not try to adjust or replace the place of those cables.

Peloton bike’s display panel connection

Now comes the most straightforward connection investigation.

Your Peloton bike or bike + has a touch screen display on top.

Check the screen’s backside where a few wires are connected into specific ports. Make sure the cords are in place and safely attached to the adapter.

Sometimes, children pull the cord while playing. It can loosen the supply cord and detach from the place.

So while your back panel connection is not secured and placed, the peloton bike screen won’t turn on.

Now the connections may be different for ordinary bikes and bike + .

Normal peloton bikes include an audio port on the left side. In contrast, the supply cord is connected on the right side.

If you have a bike + then audio will be located at top and the supply cord should be in the middle.

Check the backside of the Peloton display panel, you will find the connections as per your purchasing model.

Peloton Bike+ Brake Shroud

Peloton bike + users should check one more connection than ordinary bike owners.

“+” version peloton has a brake shroud on the outside part of the bike. This section locates the exact height of the resistance mechanism.

The top of the brake shroud has a USB-C connection. This cable should be attached to the port.

In some cases, the cable comes undone that you need to connect manually. However, it is rare but good to recheck the link before riding.

So above are connection tips to turn on a peloton bike. Check every connection step by step to start the indoor cycle securely.

Contact Peloton Support

Still your bike won’t start after checking and reconnecting all the ports and cables? Contact peloton support.

Send them a message via email – [email protected]

Contact them directly from the support number – (866)-679-9129

Maybe a technician is the best advisor for your bike difficulties.

How To Turn On The Peloton Screen?

While everything is done, all connections are checked twice, now it’s a time to start the bike.

  • For that go to the backside of the display panel.
  • On top and middle of the board, you get a grey power button.
  • Press and hold the switch for 5 second.
  • The display will light up and start to proceed next.

Now you are ready to start working out on the bike.

How to replace the Peloton Screen?

If your Peloton touch screen won’t turn on after checking all connections, you must contact the support team.

Maybe there is a technical issue, or the display gets damaged internally.

Replacing the peloton bike screen requires expert hands.

If your bike belongs to the 12 month warranty period, the process goes even more easier.

Here you don’t need to buy a new display screen that is damaged or doesn’t work.

Contact the support and discuss the issue. They will deliver and install the new one quickly. 

That’s how you can replace the peloton screen for free.

How to calibrate Peloton bike?

Before calibrating the peloton bike make sure the display screen works properly.

After the confirmation, start the bike screen.

  • Open the display and go to bike “home screen”.
  • At the bottom you find three dots, tap it.
  • A new menu will pop up.
  • Find the about section and tap.
  • You see the details of your bike hardware.
  • Tap multiple times at top corner of the screen.
  • Sensor collaboration screen will open.
  • Tap and start the process.
  • A message pop up, let it pass.
  • Now you get the option “calibrate”, press here.
  • Your screen guide you to turn the resistance knob.
  • After That tap the red calibrate button on the screen.

From this point your screen will guide you to minimize or maximize the resistance through the calibration process. So follow instructions step by step to calibrate the peloton bike.

How to Factory reset the Peloton Bike?

Factory reset only be done when necessary.

Factory reset will remove the system’s log in, setting, membership, and other crucial data.

So follow the reset if you want to sell the bike due to trouble in-display access, setting menu etc.

Below are the step by step guide about how to Factory reset the peloton bike.

  • Hold the power button for a few seconds.
  • Select shutdown.
  • Now your screen display will be “power off”.
  • Hold volume up and power button together until the Peloton logo appear.
  • Now bring back your fingers because the display goes in “recovery mode”.
  • A screen appeared with the option “wipe [all user] data/factory reset”.
  • Use the volume button to reach the option.
  • Now use the power button to select.
  • Confirm again by selecting “Yes”.
  • Now all users data deleted.
  • Lastly, select “reboot system now”.

How to connect Peloton bike with wifi or ethernet?

This is a fantastic feature of a peloton bike.

You can connect the display screen with wifi or ethernet. That’s how you can enjoy youtube, and other online platforms during your paddling.

Connect peloton bike with wifi

  • Open the touchscreen display of your bike
  • Go to home screen
  • Find advanced setting and tap
  • Select your wifi network
  • Enter the password 
  • Wait for a second to connect

Connect peloton bike with ethernet

  • Bring an ethernet cable
  • Go to the backside of your display panel
  • Find the ethernet port to plug-in 
  • Wait for a while, the display will automatically connect


So above the details about why your Peloton won’t turn on.

Keep in mind, loss of connection is the cause of this problem. So don’t panic if your new purchasing peloton bike or display doesn’t start.

Follow the tips step by step to solve the issue safely.Besides, try to check all the mechanisms of your cycle timely. It will help to prevent mistakes that may happen unconsciously. So that’s all, now we hope you get the solution. 


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