What Is Commercial Window Repair? – A Beginner’s Guide

The type of glazing that’s featured in a home, or commercial property is important for a variety of reasons and making sure that the glazing you’ve chosen is right for your home, or shop is …

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The type of glazing that’s featured in a home, or commercial property is important for a variety of reasons and making sure that the glazing you’ve chosen is right for your home, or shop is essential. The correct glazing for your home means you can reap the benefits of enhanced insulation and soundproofing, and commercial glazing means increased security. To find out more about these various types of glazing, how each is used and what happens when you need a commercial window repair, read on as we take a closer look!  

What are the different types of glazing?

There are a few different types of glazing, and before you can dive into commercial windows, it helps to know some of the most common types so you can tell them apart. Here are some of the most common glazing types that you’ll find in homes, offices, and commercial properties. 

  • Double glazing: This type of glazing is standard in most modern homes. It features double pane glass windows with space in between and comes with a range of benefits – like reducing heat loss, soundproofing and additional security. It’s strong and can withstand adverse weather, making it one of the best glazing types for properties of all sizes. 
  • Triple glazing: This is the most modern type of glazing, like double glazing but it features three panes of glass in a frame instead of just two. The additional pane of glass improves the benefits, like increased insulation and security. It tends to be used in colder countries that would feel the benefit. 
  • Commercial glazing: This type of glazing is used in commercial properties, like offices, schools, and shops. It can be used internally and externally, and although both of the above glazings can be used in a commercial property, this glass comes with enhanced benefits like safety and security.  

Where would you find commercial glass? 

Commercial glass is often featured in offices, shops, and schools, both as internal features and in external windows and doors. There are many reasons why it’s used, some of the main and most notable benefits being that it can prevent heat loss, which can be costly in larger establishments as more energy will need to be used, and additional acoustic enhancements which mean it can keep noise from the street out, which is great for a work or school environment. There are other materials that can be used for commercial glazings, like plexiglass which is affordable and durable, but it the benefits may not be as profound with this material. 

Why do you need commercial glass

There are many reasons why commercial properties choose to use this type of glazing, including some of the benefits we’ve looked at above, like insulation and improved soundproofing. Commercial glass is versatile, it can be used for both internal installations, like furniture and flooring, shelves, and mirrors, as well as windows, doors, and shop fronts. Special glass is needed for the safety of the customer, and to enhance security in-store, to prevent break-ins. 

What happens if it needs to be repaired? 

If your commercial glass is damaged, you’re going to need peace of mind that you can have it repaired quickly to ensure your business can continue to operate with little to no distribution. Some glaziers have the tools and know-how to replace or fix your commercial glass quickly and easily, so you don’t have to worry. Choosing the best glaziers means that you can benefit from ongoing support, including regular checks to ensure your glazing is in the best condition, as well as product recommendations to ensure you’re getting the most from your glazing, allowing you to take advantage of the most modern upgrades for your commercial property. 

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