The trend of glass windows and doors has definitely urged people to opt for it. The benefits and leverage glass panels offer is something invaluable. There are a variety of glass panels that you can choose for your home windows and even shower doors.

Insulated glass panels are superior glass panels for homeowners who want to give a different look to their home decor. Apart from just looks, these panels offer many other practical benefits. Let’s find out why the majority of homeowners prefer insulated glass panels.

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About Insulated Glass Panels

It’s not tough to understand how insulated glass panels are made. That’s because their main purpose is to diffuse the hot or cold air. An insulated glass panel usually consists of two different glass panels. These glass panels have noble gas (usually argon) in between them. Compared to standard glass, insulated glass doesn’t let any cold or hot air penetrate the room. That’s one main reason why they are so popular among homeowners.

Why Is Insulated Glass Referred As IGU (Insulated Glass Unit)?

The insulated glass panel is also commonly known as an insulated glass unit. That’s because the glass works as a whole unit. Compared to regular glass panels, there isn’t any single panel that is responsible for complete insulation. So, that’s the main reason why insulated glass, aka dual pane glass, is commonly referred to as IGU (insulated glass unit). In case it gets damaged, the whole unit must be replaced.

Benefits of Installing Insulated Glass Panels 

An insulated glass unit is the perfect long-term investment that any homeowner could make. Now let us explore some of its practical benefits.

1: Excellent Energy Efficiency 

Claiming a glass type for great energy efficiency? Well, it may seem a bit odd to some folks. In reality, it’s a fact that insulated glass does help in reducing energy bills by a good margin. As the name says, this glass is known for its great insulation properties. It’s basically a sealed glass unit that doesn’t allow any heat or cold to penetrate. Thus, your heating or cooling system doesn’t have to work hard to maintain the ideal room temperature. This whole process leads to lower energy bills.

Did You Know?

The insulating space between two panes of the insulated glass unit and its thickness determines the insulation performance.

2: A Secure and Safer Glass Option

Safety and security are one major concern of homeowners when they opt for glass windows and doors. In the case of insulated panels, there is nothing to worry about in this regard. Because these glass panels are strong and tough to break. The presence of multiple glass layers makes it a durable option. Furthermore, you can choose tempered glass for your insulated glass unit. The use of tempered glass would make this unit even stronger and tough to break.

3: Added Comfort

Insulated panels offer a lot more than just unique looks and good insulation. You get an improved comfort level by installing these glass panels. They don’t allow outside heat to harm your indoor temperature. Similarly, the inside heat doesn’t pass through the glass in winters because of its insulation characteristics. Therefore, you don’t experience any sudden temperature fluctuations, which aid the overall comfort level.

4: Noise Reduction

On top of good energy efficiency, these glass panels also provide adequate noise insulation. The presence of inner space between the two panels (filled by the argon gas) plays a major role here. It stops the spread of noise pollution within the room. Therefore, an insulated glass unit is an ideal glass panel for residential areas where the usual traffic flow noise could harm some homeowners’ comfort level.

5: An Eco-Friendly Glass Option

The aesthetically pleasing looks of the insulated glass unit also come with no additional cost to the environment. Mainly because of the lower carbon footprint. This leads to an environment-friendly neighborhood. Further, these panels put less burden on your HVAC system. So, the less use of an air conditioning system also contributes to a healthy green environment.

The Cost of Installing Insulated Glass Panels 

The estimated overall installation cost usually varies from around $1000 to $1500. Note that the factors such as glass thickness, its size, type of frame, and labor charges could vary the overall installation cost. The price, as mentioned above, is just an estimate. Never compromise on the quality of your chosen insulated glass. Always buy it from a reputable supplier.

Final Thoughts!

So, that’s pretty much all about insulated glass panels. Given their benefits and environment-friendly characteristics, they are the perfect glass type for any home remodeling project. In addition, the fact that these glass panels reduce energy bills by a significant margin is something tough to overlook. The initial cost may seem a bit high but don’t worry; their benefits would surely justify its cost over the period of time. Anyhow, wherever you plan to install these glass panels, ensure that you purchase them from a trustworthy glass manufacturer.


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