To create a fantastic entrance to your residential and commercial property you need an amazing bespoke staircase design. Global Compare provide bespoke staircase design and installation services in a wide range of areas in London. We have expertise in bespoke staircases in Epping both modern and traditional styles. The best part of our service is We can help you complete the vision you have for your interior.

We are the frontrunner in the staircase designing and installation industry serving all over the UK with the highest level of professionalism and dedication. You can choose your own design as we provide a custom staircase installations service in Epping that fits right into your property. 

Discuss your project in more detail with us, we will do our best to showcase the breadth of products, styles, and finishes. An extraordinarily designed staircase can be an exquisite focal point in your home or workplace. Our highly experienced designer and professional team can help you design a staircase that is functional and looks sensational at the same time. 

You can choose every detail of your staircase. From the choice of staircase balustrade and newel caps to the handrail and the string, Global Compare will ensure your stair provides individuality and functionality to your home. 

We are expert bespoke staircase designers in Cobham. Global Compare offer a bespoke service that will meet your budget, we work closely with you from design through to installation, and our project manager will guide you through every stage.

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Bespoke Staircase Design In London

Staircases have a huge number of purposes beyond providing a simple and easy way to travel from one floor to another. Our staircase specialist will always create stairs that are functional but beautiful your staircase will be central to the overall design of your property. Bespoke staircases are surely the best addition you can try to enhance the appeal of your entranceway. At Global Compare, we design modern, customized, and elegant floating, Zig Zag, Centre Spine, cut stringers, even full Stringer, and premium staircase. Which is ready to be used indoors and outdoors.

 Our team is committed to providing you with the most elegant design possible according to your requirements. At the same time, we offer the most affordable price in the market making it more convenient for you. With us, everything will go according to your preferences and we play our part to build the staircase of your dream. We ensure you get the best quality staircase tailored to your needs and spaces.  Every inch of our work reflects the luxury you crave and the excellence your place deserves.


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