Nothing could make a house more beautiful than surrounded by a sprawling lush-green garden. It is not just an add-on but a valuable asset that enhances the worth of every nook and corner of a house. Since gardens play a prominent role in improving the aesthetic beauty of a house, maintenance of gardens holds utmost importance. When it comes to doing maintenance of gardens, installation of the US-Made vinyl fence would be of great help. Nowadays, a lot of people have shown keen interest in installing a semi-privacy fence in their backyards and gardens. 

The purpose of designing a semi-privacy fence is to balance airflow and privacy perfectly. By installing a semi-privacy fence, you are safeguarding your priceless garden from external damages and attaining privacy without complete isolation. Here are the following factors that showcase why semi-privacy fences are important for having absolute maintenance for gardens. 

US-Made Vinyl Fences are Long-Lasting 

Having the US-made vinyl fence gives you a one-time investment in the long run; the reason is Durability. Manufactured from 100% virgin vinyl, semi-privacy fences are highly impervious to termites, rust, stains, and fissures. Duramax Fences, a top vinyl fence manufacturer, makes their fences with DuraResin vinyl formulation that can effectively withstand the scorching heat of the Southwest sun. Besides, they possess good UV stability that does not allow fences, especially white ones, to get discolored due to exposure to the sun. In addition, vinyl fences are robust, having an excellent locking mechanism and routing system. 

Vinyl Fences are Attractive-looking

One key factor that makes vinyl fences popular these days is exquisiteness. Today, vinyl fences come in vibrant colors and designs that enhance the charm of your overall property. Unlike wooden fences, US-made vinyl fences do not show visible brackets, screws, or imperfections. Therefore, it offers finesse to the vinyl fencings effortlessly. Make sure to choose the kind of vinyl fencings that perfectly complement the style and texture of your garden and home. The fences are also eco-friendly as they contain no harmful chemicals, and vinyl is recyclable.

Vinyl Is Engineered For Intense Southward Sun

Our fences are ideal for obstructing the hot southward sun. At the same time, Our fences are made of 12 parts of titanium dioxide and UV inhibitors. Duramax has the highest UV stability. Not to forget, the vinyl being applied is thick, and there are fewer chances of bacteria and termites accumulating in the base. Do not worry about your fences getting yellow, as they will be in shape for a long time and will not rot. There is no need for painting or repairing every now & then, and you can save a lot on your bucks.

Easy Maintenance 

When you invest in the high-quality US-made vinyl fencing, you don’t have to worry about constant maintenance. Duramax Vinyl Fences stay in flawless condition with occasional cleaning only. Then, they are rinsed off with a hose that saves your maximum cleaning time. In addition, Duramax Fencing for a limited time is offering free samples with every purchase. So, take this chance and claim your freebie today. 

Easy to install

These sturdy vinyl fences in the US do not require any brackets or screws to be installed. It should be noted that these fences are heat and impact-resistant, and there is no risk of them falling apart after installation. Even in high winds or stormy weather, you can be confident that your fences will remain perfectly in place. Duramax Fences have been ASTM F964 tested and met the minimum installation requirements. Even if there is a storm, the fencing might bend slightly but never break or get uprooted. 

Final Words 

Vinyl fencings offer a one-stop solution for improving the outlook of a property. They have successfully passed the wind test that can endure high-speed wind of about 105 mph. They are cold temperature cracking resistant fences that do not flake off during the times of winter. They don’t need to be repainted, making vinyl fences cost-effective. Duramax is a professional fence manufacturing company that has successfully lived up to the expectation of all & sundry.

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