5 Creative Garden Ideas for a Peaceful Summer at Home

Summer is just a couple of months away. And what better time is there than now to start preparing your backyard for the new season? More than having beautiful landscaping, try garden upgrades that also …

Summer is just a couple of months away. And what better time is there than now to start preparing your backyard for the new season?

More than having beautiful landscaping, try garden upgrades that also increase property value. Something as simple as adding plastic foldable furniture could already make your backyard a lot better.

Give yourself a place to chill in on summer afternoons. Dedicate an outdoor space where you can have guests over to swim or enjoy some home barbecue. Here are some creative garden ideas that might inspire you.

Garden Retaining Walls

Add some character and dynamism to your garden with landscape retaining walls. This simple investment could make your backyard feel luxurious in an instant.

Unleash your creativity with landscape retaining walls. You have a lot of options when it comes to the material you can use—stone, wood, concrete, and many more.

A stone retaining wall is perfect if you want to achieve a natural aesthetic. You might need a mason to install it for you, though. A wood retaining wall also gives you that natural vibe. You can have it installed vertically or horizontally, depending on whether you add height to your garden or not. Interlocking concrete wall blocks are the easiest to install. A concrete wall comes in different colors and finishes, meaning you can play around with it as much as you want!

More than offering an aesthetic solution to a sloping piece of land, landscape retaining walls also help ward off garden pests and keep your plants safer.


A canopy is another worthy investment for your garden this summer. Simply put, it works like a tent with open sides. A canopy provides you with some shade while you enjoy the summer afternoon breeze.

A canopy doesn’t have to be a full-on patio with a grill set up and all that. You can save a lot of money by just having a tent over a coffee table and two chairs. And the best part about this temporary setup? You can fold and store them away once summer ends and use the space for other purposes for the rest of the year.

You can also have a shed-like structure built beside your home so you could use the space all year round. Adding some curtains could make the space more private. Shrubs or small plants could also improve the vibe and aesthetic of your canopy.

Outdoor Projection Screens

An outdoor cinema does have its unique charms, especially in the summer. Nothing beats the feeling of watching a movie with your loved ones in your backyard.

Investing in a projector is much more affordable than having a home theater system. It’s also portable, allowing you to easily move it around should you want a change in scenery. As for the projection screen, you can go for a sturdy freestanding one so that it doesn’t flail around with the wind. But if you’re on a budget, you can always just hang up a white cloth on a string and hold it down with some rocks to keep it steady.

Lay some blankets and pillows on your lawn for the complete experience. You can also set up tables and chairs, especially if the ground is wet. Make sure you have enough space for setting up all the snacks.

Add some fairy lights to make the space more magical, especially at night. Candles could also set the mood and make it cozier. You could also set up a tent so you won’t have to worry when it suddenly rains.

Outdoor Kitchens

In keeping up with the trend of bringing the indoors out, outdoor kitchens prove to be another worthy investment for your backyard. What’s more summer-like than having your own backyard BBQ party with your family and friends?

If you are throwing a party outside then investing in the brick bbq grill for your outdoor kitchen will ensure that everything goes smoothly. The brick bbq grill is made of bricks so it will last for a long time. The versatility of the brick bbq grill means that you can cook food on both sides without having to change anything in the kitchen. This will make outdoor cooking easier and better for everyone at your party. A grill certainly elevates the outdoor experience. You could also go for a stovetop or a brick oven if you plan to do more cooking than just grilling.

Countertops can work as a food preparation or dining area for your guests. You can also have outdoor countertops that double as a bar. Set up a minibar with your outdoor kitchen to make it more special. Because if there’s one thing that elevates your home BBQ experience, it’s alcohol had with good company.

You can have an outdoor kitchen in the open or under a roofed structure for more security. If you have retaining walls around, it might be good to match your setup with the walls so that it looks more cohesive.

Smart Garden Storage

Storage is something that will always increase your property value. Plus points if they’re discreet and don’t disrupt your home aesthetic (unless they’re meant to).

Smart garden storage comes in many forms. You can have a small shed where you can store all your out-of-season items. If you don’t want something as elaborate as a shed, you can also go for outdoor kitchen cabinets. Outdoor kitchens are great places to add storage. Add drawers and cabinets under the countertops and sink.

If you don’t have an outdoor kitchen setup, you can also invest in outdoor furniture with built-in storage. This works best for modern or minimalist outdoor setups. Look for chairs or coffee tables with storage underneath them. You can also have a modular seating area for your garden. You can store seat cushions and throw pillows within a custom-built seating area so that they don’t get dirtied or rained on when not in use.

Smart garden storage should be convenient and efficient, especially if your space is limited.

Preparing Your Garden for the Summer

There are endless things you can do to improve your backyard and make it more to your liking. Don’t be afraid to try new approaches to your space and make it more functional.

But before starting on any garden improvement project, plan it carefully. You wouldn’t want to take on several projects at once and end up with an unsatisfactory or overwhelming setup instead. It might be best to ask for advice from professionals first to maximize your space.

Again, here are some creative garden ideas for a peaceful summer at home:

  • Garden retaining walls that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing
  • Canopies that allow you to have an outdoor nook where you can enjoy summer afternoons
  • Outdoor projection screens that let you have your own outdoor cinema in your backyard
  • Outdoor kitchens that make your space much more functional and enjoyable
  • Smart garden storage that gives you a proper place to store your things and prevent clutter

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