8 Superb Benefits of CCTV Cameras in Your Community

Is your community equipped with CCTV cameras? If it isn’t yet, it’s time to do something about it. CCTV cameras greatly help in the creation of safe and better communities. It ensures 24/7 peace, safety, …

Is your community equipped with CCTV cameras?

If it isn’t yet, it’s time to do something about it. CCTV cameras greatly help in the creation of safe and better communities. It ensures 24/7 peace, safety, and protection for all members of the neighborhood with absolute ease. This is because the technology behind it allows for easy 24/7 monitoring of premises without the need for manual labor or extra effort. To understand just how much CCTV cameras contribute to communities, do read on.

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Benefit #1: Crime Deterrent

Communities with CCTV cameras effectively deter instances of crime. This is the case because the mere presence of cameras effectively reminds everyone that they are being watched— that no bad deed will be left unnoticed. Hence, people who have every intention to commit crimes — from vandalism to break-in — immediately get to their senses and stop whatever it is that they plan to do once they notice that CCTV cameras are around. CCTV cameras can effortlessly instill fear in individuals who have ill intentions toward any person or household. Hence, communities with installed CCTV cameras hardly experience any criminal incidents. 

Benefit #2: Door Tracking

CCTV cameras are no longer as expensive as before. So much so that any household can already easily afford one.  A community is safer when all its members have doors retrofitted with CCTV cameras. Such a door is fantastic because it can easily allow homeowners to see guests and visitors without having to open their doors. This is ideal as a homeowner can easily plan on what to do should they feel like a person who’s knocking at their door is suspicious. They can immediately secure and lock all entrances to the house and call police authorities should the need arise. 

Benefit #3: Tracking of Visitors

It used to be the task of security guards to be ever vigilant when visitors or guests enter a neighborhood or a building. Security guards are tasked to vigilantly observe and monitor visitors and guests upon entering a community or a building. This is to ensure that visitors and guests will only go to their disclosed house, unit, or destination. With CCTV cameras, your community won’t have to burden security guards with such a taxing task. A simple placement of CCTV cameras in strategic locations can allow security guards and administrators to easily monitor where visitors and guests go. If you want help installing your CCTV cameras strategically and you’re looking for a trusted CCTV camera company in Perth, you should check out the services of Smart Security.

Benefit #4: Children Monitoring

Communities with CCTV cameras can easily protect and secure the welfare of children in their area through real-time live feeds of public spaces. With CCTV cameras installed, community administrators and security guards can easily see if any child is at risk of being harmed or violated. Authorities can be immediately alerted every time a CCTV camera would show that something suspicious is happening between a child and another child or a child and another adult. Instances of abuse and physical assault can also be easily monitored. 

Benefit #5: Monitors Elders

CCTV cameras are also fantastic when it comes to securing the safety of elders or senior citizens. A 24/7 real-time feed will allow members of a community to immediately see if an elder is in danger or in need of help. Elders living by themselves can also be easily monitored and cared for by their children through the use of CCTV cameras. Children far from their elderly parents can easily monitor their parents’ activities and whereabouts just by accessing live 24/7 feeds of their home or community through their smartphone. 

Benefit #6: Tracking of Infected Animals

Communities with CCTV cameras can also easily track stray animals that can be sick and infected with a contagious disease. Strategically placed CCTV cameras can easily point out suspicious animals and strays that are roaming around a community. A response will always be immediate as CCTV cameras show a 24/7 live feed. Missing animals and stray animals that need medical help can also be immediately rescued. Any animal-loving community should make it a point to have CCTV cameras installed in their public spaces. CCTV cameras are perfect for tracking animals that went missing because movement from one block to another can be easily reviewed and followed at any given time. 

Benefit #7: Prevents Hacking 

Access to community-run CCTV cameras is very limited to community members themselves. This ensures that no other party can have access to 24/7 real-time feeds of community spaces. As access is restricted, hacking incidents can be easily prevented. Community administrators can also categorize access per member. Broadcast control can be easily had in just a click so there will be no issue whatsoever if feeds of some spaces need to be restricted at a certain time or date. Community CCTV cameras can also be relied upon if a homeowner’s CCTV camera would fail to capture relevant feed at a given time. 

Benefit #8: Combats Night Break-ins Easily

CCTV cameras placed in lobbies, entrances, exits, and secluded areas of a community or compound can effortlessly deter night break-ins. CCTV cameras can be programmed to alert administrators and homeowners when movement is detected in spaces that should no longer be occupied by people at a given time. With strategically placed CCTV cameras, a compound break-in can be effortlessly detected and acted upon in real-time. 

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