You went rug shopping and accidentally ended up with the most colorful rug with a fun pattern and some tassels? Impulse buying is the worse, not to mention how hard it is to control yourself when you’re surrounded by so many colors, patterns, and shapes. You want to buy the one you want, not the one you need, and that’s completely okay because articles such as this one exist. 

In the following, we’ll share a few tips and tricks when it comes to maintaining and decorating with area rugs, and we’ll help you learn how to love and embrace your new, funky, retro area rug that will show people what kind of a person you are.

Retro area rug decorating 

Double up in the hallways 

If you have a house with bigger hallways, you can invest in a couple of retro area rugs with chic patterns that will instantly give the space some boho vibes and a great atmosphere overall. Hallways are the place in our home that doesn’t get that much attention, which is completely wrong. It’s the first place that people see when they enter, and everything else seems unimportant at the moment, so spending a bit of time decorating it with things you love is a great idea.

 Not to mention that the hallway doesn’t contain lots of elements, so putting the retro area rugs in this place is quite easy and you can build the space around them afterward. Be careful not to overdo it, as retro area rugs give out enough decoration. Choose a colorful one, possibly a square or an oval one that will soften up the edges of the walls and the elements surrounding it. 

Layer it up 

Even though putting your retro area rug directly on top of hardwood flooring seems outdated, combining it with a neutral-colored carpet underneath is chic and will make your room look great. Look for a flatweave carpet in neutral colors, because they work great with all the colors a retro rug has. You can either opt for a wall-to-wall carpet or a smaller one that extends past the elements of the room you’re decorating, at least 12 inches away from the walls on all four sides. 

Again, squares and ovals work best for layering, but you can work with smaller rectangle rugs as well. Putting them under the coffee table to accentuate it, framing the bed in your bedroom, separating different places in your home, laying them in front of the shelves where you keep your books and ornaments that go well with the rug… the possibilities are endless and you get to have tons of fun while decorating. If you combine neutrals with colors you can never go wrong, just be careful not to overdo it, as sometimes less is more, and in this case, a retro rug is just enough. 

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Connect or divide spaces 

You think that decorating with one retro area rug is hard, but we’ll make it really simple and easy. Once you buy your first retro rug, you’ll buy some more, so we must include decorating with multiple rugs as well. If you happen to have an open floor plan in your house, or you have bigger rooms, you can easily do so. You can connect or divide spaces with area rugs, depending on their placement, size, and pattern. 

When it comes to connecting, the pattern and colors are everything you need. Look for rugs that are completely the same, or the complete opposite of one another. By implementing the same pattern in different rooms or different areas of one room, you connect the two separate spaces with discrete elements. Visitors will definitely feel this, but they won’t be able to put their finger on it. 

If you want to divide certain areas and let them stand on their own, a retro area rug is a pretty solid base to start with. Place it under the main elements of the room, and once you decide to invest in another rug, choose one that is completely different from the previous one. You’ll have different rugs, which will result in divided spaces that can easily be seen. Don’t worry too much about them going well together, but make sure you get the right size, as rugs can make the room look smaller, bigger, wider, or narrower simply by their size and placement. 

Bottom line 

Retro area rugs can instantly switch up your whole room. They are perfect for making a statement and showing off some parts of your personality. You can invest in a couple and divide or connect different places in your home, or you can layer them up and accentuate certain parts of the room, making them look extra chic and comfy for you to sit and relax by yourself or with friends.


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