5 Effective Ways to Secure Furniture When Moving

Moving to a new place can be hard with heavy furniture that you need to protect. Even with the help of professional movers, like Muval, the risk of damage might occur. Discover the ways how …

Moving to a new place can be hard with heavy furniture that you need to protect. Even with the help of professional movers, like Muval, the risk of damage might occur. Discover the ways how to keep your furniture away from scratches in the rest of this post. If there is one thing to consider to make the moving go smoothly, it would be having a clear idea from packing to transporting the stuff. This will prevent a lot of chaos on your part and the removalists.

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Tips to Protect Furniture During The Move 

The struggle is real, however, starting right can make a difference. Think of the following tips whether this is your first or second time moving out. Each one assures that all of the furniture shall arrive in the new home safely. 

Complete Packing Materials 

Most furniture is large and heavy which requires extra protection for packing. Cardboard boxes and tape may not be enough to secure the thing. Hence, there are more materials you should be using to keep them safe while in transit. Many of the materials exist at home or can be bought on the market at an affordable price. 

Some roads can be bumpy which might cause trouble for the furniture during transport. So, here is a list of items you can use for packing furniture: 

  • Thick covering, such as mattress and cushions 
  • Plenty of bubble wraps
  • Dense and sealable plastics 
  • Cardboard sheets 

Such materials will add up layers of protection to secure furniture the best way. In some instances, when movers mishandle the heavy furniture, there will be less worry that it might get damaged. It is also easier to load and unload well-packed furniture that will benefit both parties.

Clean the Furniture Before Packing

The common causes of scratches on furniture are dust and dirt on its surface. Wiping the furniture with a microfiber cloth is necessary to avoid unwanted damage. It should be done before bubble wrapping each item and making sure there are no small particles left on its surface. Do not neglect this part because once debris rubs on the furniture, it will leave visible damage. 

Here is another tip for cabinets that you might consider. You can take advantage of its space for extra storage. Put small items on the drawers but it would be better if you remove the handles and casters, if there are any. This will help to maximize truck space in case you need to move a lot of stuff. 

Dismantle Furniture 

Furniture bigger than a cabinet should be disassembled so as not to take up so much space. This is a good idea to eliminate possible scratches on its parts. However, it does not apply to all furniture, thus reading the manual matters. 

First, you will need huge moving boxes to store the parts. Learn to disassemble the item correctly to make sure no parts will be missing later on. The screws must be sealed in separate plastic for safety and precision when you reassemble the furniture. 

Take a photo before disassembling the furniture as a reference. The best day to dismantle furniture would be days before moving to avoid stress. Tighten the boxes to better hold the item until it arrives in the new place. 

Proper Ways to Wrap Furniture 

Even without a moving box, you can still secure furniture in place. Among the best packing materials are bubble wrap and plastic sheets for moving heavy furniture. Plastic sheets work with sofas and other upholstered stuff while wooden pieces can go with bubble wraps. Putting on cardboard sheets in between pieces can eliminate scratches. 

Using old blankets to cover up furniture is a good alternative in case there are no plastic sheets available. Just wrap all sides of the item correctly. 

It is more complex to wrap furniture made of glasses, like tabletops. The “X” tape pattern often set on the glass has a purpose. It lowers the chance that the glass will shatter into pieces easily. There is no other material but a bubble wrap that can protect a fragile part of the furniture. 

Item Arrangement

There is a strategic way to position each item in the truck. This is the most chaotic part when moving as it can be tempting to just pile boxes one after the another. As a result, some items fell and got destroyed during the transit. 

Heavy boxes should be placed at the bottom and then you can stack small boxes on top of them. Double-check if the boxes are fettered to stay intact even when the road is rough. Make sure to fill in spaces with lighter items to prevent the stack from slipping. Fragile items should be secured with hooks and a rope so as not to cause severe damage in case of an accident. 

Last but not least, make room for unloading the items. This is to benefit the movers, speeding up the process while taking care of the furniture’s condition. 

Final Thoughts

Finding the best removalist company in Geraldton is the next step once everything is ready for the moving day. The staff can assure you that your belongings are in good hands from packing, loading, and unloading items. They consider the above tips to keep furniture in fine condition until it arrives at the final destination. Contact the team to assist you throughout the moving process. All in all, it is recommended even for homeowners with a tight budget.

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