Everyone wants their house to look the best it can but spending a huge amount on costly furniture or décor items may not be on the cards. There are many ways to make your house look sophisticated, refined, stylish, and expensive on a budget. 

1. Spotless & Clutter-Free

Expensive and stylish homes generally have a cleaner and clearer floor plan that enables easy navigation without clutter. The more expensive a home is, the more thoughtfully storage spaces will be designed so that visual clutter is not a problem. To impart that upscale feel, do a thorough deep clean of your home preferably with organic cleaning products that don’t emit toxic fumes or contain harmful chemicals, and try to find smart and sensible storage solutions for all your items including magazines, paperwork, clothing, and shoes. 

Try to create the illusion of less clutter and that will make visitors or guests feel that the few items you do have on display are of a greater monetary value than they might actually be. Adopting a more minimalist lifestyle also enables homeowners to save money to spend on investment pieces such as furniture, good quality appliances, or a leather dog collar and leash set for your furry best friend instead of making a multitude of small purchases of lower quality. 

2. Use Size For Effect

Using a large art piece whether it is a painting, mural or sculpture always creates a more expensive effect. Thrift for large art pieces and one can always buy an inexpensive canvas painting and then frame it in an antique or gilded frame purchased from a vintage thrift shop. If you are a painter yourself, consider making a large mural that will look impactful even without a frame. The larger the better when it comes to art pieces and don’t forget the ‘no-clutter rule’ so choose only a few art pieces to display especially ones that have sentimental value such as a commissioned house portrait.

3. Accent Walls And Different Colored Doors

Variety is not only the spice of life but can instantly add a more expensive, modern, designer feel to any space. Add some variation in the color of paint used on the walls so that each room has a different vibe and touches like decals can add personality to a bedroom’s walls. Opting for accent walls painted in contrasting colors can make a space feel multi-dimensional and will pair well with selective wall art. 

Another way to use color and diversity to your advantage is to paint all your doors different colors without even color coordinating them. It again creates a visual dimension and feels like the house just goes on and on and has a magical quality about it. No wonder all the doors in Alice in Wonderland were different colors! 

4. Choose Vintage Or Strange For Furniture

Furniture has a huge role to play in the interior design of any house and most homeowners are under the misconception they need to spend a fortune on it. Many people make simple furniture items by hand or engage local carpenters and artisans to make a piece or two from them. Buying vintage or preloved furniture and restoring it by adding polish and paint is a great way to find pieces that are stylish but in need of some treatment. 

Tutorials online can teach just about anyone how to carry out basic restorations and finding bargains in thrift stores, garage sales and other vintage shops is not hard as people are continually replacing their furniture with trendier options. 

By choosing strange or vintage furniture, you will impart an ageless vibe to your house, one that is classic and yet eccentric. Old but gorgeous furniture can be reminiscent of manor houses and more expensive properties and at the same time, it can be an opportunity to recycle and reduce environmental waste. Innovative floor bed designs, for example, can save you money (no pricey headboard or frame) and at the same time, they are a staple of a more minimalist and super modern style. 

5. Creative Gallery Walls

Gallery walls check a number of boxes as they are expressive, and beautiful and create the impression that the homeowner has many hobbies, loved ones, and interests in life. Create a self-curated gallery wall experimenting with colors and patterns and mix up wall art with photographs. Many people find the best way to do this is by keeping a wall of memorabilia only to showcase their favorite movies, books, or other elements of pop culture. 


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