6 Efficient House Cleaning Tips

Cleaning in your home depends on your lifestyle and whether you can afford house cleaning services. Some homes need more frequent cleaning, especially if it’s a big family, but other houses don’t need to be …

Cleaning in your home depends on your lifestyle and whether you can afford house cleaning services. Some homes need more frequent cleaning, especially if it’s a big family, but other houses don’t need to be cleaned that frequently. However, no matter how often you need to clean your home, you still probably seek ways to make that cleaning more efficient and for the tidiness to last longer. Lucky for you, there are some fantastic efficient cleaning tips that will help you tidy up your home faster. Plus, you can rely on some eco-friendly cleaning tips, too, and keep your house extra healthy. 

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Ditch The Bucket

Cleaning your house often includes dragging the mop bucket with you throughout the house. Sometimes, this can make more mess since all that dirty water is splashing around when you move the bucket. You can consider maybe ditching the bucket and making the whole process easier. You can easily get several spray bottles and fill them with diluted cleaning solutions. Plus, you can even opt for an all purpose cleaner that you simply add to your bottle and mix with some hot water. You are minimizing waste, you’re using eco-friendly ingredients, and you don’t have to drag that mop and bucket with you all the time. 

Use Olive Oil To Buff Surfaces

You already know that olive oil has a lot of nutritional benefits. And as it turns out, olive oil can help you clean your house! If you have a lot of stainless steel items such as pans, appliances, and pots, you can use olive oil and a soft cloth to buff out any dirty spots. Additionally, you can mix your olive oil with some dish detergent and buff all surfaces in your home to postpone cleaning dust off of them for several days. 

Vodka for Stain Removal

Clear vodka has actually a lot of cleaning benefits. If you have any stubborn stains on your carpets or furniture, you can use rubbing alcohol, clear vodka, and even white wine to clean those stains. First, blot the stain and pour any of these types of alcohol on the stain, and gently rub everything out. You probably already have those products at home and they are much safer and more effective than any over-the-counter product with lots of chemicals. 

Baking Soda and Vinegar

You probably already know that baking soda and vinegar in combination can do wonders for your home. What’s more, you can easily clean your tub and sinks, and other ceramic furniture in just a few minutes. You can mix a cup of vinegar with half a cup of baking soda and add some hot water to the mix. Pour all that in your tub and let it sit for five minutes. Then, start filling the tub with hot water until it’s one-quarter filled, and let this mixture sit for another five minutes. The last thing to do is let it drain and rinse the tub. 

Steam the Microwave with Lemon Oil

Microwaves can get dirty fast and it is often hard and inconvenient to clean them with cloth and chemicals. However, you can use essential oils to clean your microwave and spread the sweet aroma through your house. You can add around 15 drops of lemon essential oil into a cup and add half a cup of water. Place that microwave-safe bowl or cup inside and let it sit on high for five to ten minutes. This will nicely steam the inside walls of the machine, and spread the aroma, and all you have to do is wipe it clean in the end. Plus you can use the same technique to degrease your oven. 

Refresh the Upholstery 

Nobody likes foul odors in their furniture, and cleaning it thoroughly without a steam cleaner can be quite hard. If you’d like to wipe out any pet or other smells from upholstery, you can use vinegar, water, and your favorite essential oil. Mix all that together and spray it on the upholstery and once it’s dry vacuum the area. However, make sure to test this mixture in an inconspicuous location on the upholstery to check for colorfastness. 

As you can see, cleaning the house doesn’t have to be a tedious task if you know the hacks. With these safe and healthy products, you can easily clean your entire house and even prolong its clean state for a few more days. Plus, you can decrease the amount of effort and elbow grease needed.

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