6 Gardening Tips To Improve Your Home At A Fair Price

Curb appeal is one of the main assets of a home. A well-kept garden cultivates almost the same interest as a new bathroom or kitchen. While a home’s garden features are determined by its style …

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Curb appeal is one of the main assets of a home. A well-kept garden cultivates almost the same interest as a new bathroom or kitchen. While a home’s garden features are determined by its style and size, a beautifully designed and well-maintained garden isn’t only attractive but can also increase its value. 

A garden’s features should be customized to suit the exterior character of a home. For instance, using window trims that blend seamlessly with the rest of your home’s exterior design will create a subtle ambiance. In fact, working with manufacturers like Hardie Boys which create components that complete an entire exterior trim building system can make a whole difference. 

There are certain aspects that tend to give any garden a new lease of life. The following tips reflect some of those aspects:

1. Start With The Basics

Before making significant changes to your garden, you need to deal with its current basic needs. Some things you can do include pruning trees, removing weeds, trimming overgrown shrubs, getting rid of plants that are worn out, and raking leaves and debris. Faded and tired-looking pergolas can benefit from a fresh coat of vanish or paint. However, using exterior wood products that require little maintenance can improve the durability of the finish. Visit sites like
hardieboysinc.com to learn more. 

A little maintenance can unlock your garden’s potential. Once you touch up on the basics, your garden will look better, and areas that require more attention will be easier to identify. With time, your garden will take shape as you gradually work toward improving it. Neat and tidy gardens speak volumes and draw people in.

2. Create Space

Homes with spacious gardens tend to be more attractive. While increasing the size of your garden may require permission from the concerned authorities, you can add features that’ll give it the illusion of looking more spacious. Tall thin plants make your garden less cramped and allow light to reach your garden. Climbing plants also take up less space and draw the eye upwards, making spaces look and feel bigger. Getting large objects like lawnmowers and barbeque grills that take up space unnecessarily out of sight will also create more garden space.

3. Use Garden Lighting 

Investing in garden lighting adds a unique touch to your home. Garden lights don’t only boost your home’s security, but they also add to its curb appeal. A well-lit garden will improve your home’s overall look and increase its perceived value. Solar-powered LED lighting is now a viable solution to garden lighting and is less costly than traditional hard-wired counterparts. 

Garden lighting will not only deter robbers and prevent tripping, but it’s one of the most desired outdoor improvements by today’s home buyers. It has the potential of giving back up to 50% on investment.

4. Add Some Color 

An array of brightly-colored flowers in full bloom is a sight to behold and is guaranteed to impress anyone. No wonder more homes sell during spring when gardens display fresh new growth and flowers bloom. Accomplishing this garden aspect just requires commitment.  You can either plant the flowers directly around your garden or pot them to give your garden some character and personality. Even if you don’t’ have much experience with plants and flowers, there’s always the option of purchasing ready-potted plants. Using colored pots can quickly add style and elegance to the overall effect. Lavenders, sweet peas, marigolds, aquilegias, and daylilies are some flower species that will guarantee a color-filled garden.

5. Add Focal Points

Garden focal points should direct the line of sight, intensify the surroundings, and inspire viewers. They can be plants, objects, or anything interesting. You can have one or several, depending on the size of your garden. These points of interest, when strategically placed in the garden, are also used to distract viewers from items such as utility boxes that you don’t want them to notice. Focal points not only draw attention to themselves but are also used to camouflage unsightly areas.

Focal points accentuated by lighting will create a serene environment, visual delight, and increase your home’s exterior aesthetic day or night. 

6. Pay Attention To Details

To achieve the best results when revamping your garden, you should leave no stone unturned. Sprucing up a tired-looking fence with a new coat of paint, power washing paving stones, and removing weathered garden ornaments are sure ways to update and revive your garden. Updating these elements will significantly improve the look of your garden by giving it a new lease of life.


Outdoor space is now more in demand than ever because people spend more time outdoors than they did in the past. The good thing is that it’s possible to create a beautiful garden without injecting massive amounts of money to rectify its appearance. Making small gradual cost-effective changes is the way to go. Drastic moves made by spending tons to have a lavish garden might not make a significant difference because gardens need time.

When looking to spruce up your garden, it’s important to note that combining different garden aspects will be more beneficial than focusing on just one. Use the above gardening tips to guide you on improving your garden’s appearance and add to your home’s exterior appeal.

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