Everyone prefers to hang curtains to give their windows an attractive and complete look. Curtains can complete the look of any room and help you to keep your private matters private. 

While any task where you have to use a ladder feels like a real pain, hanging curtains can be an easy and quick process if you have all the necessary tools with you and you are aware of the proper steps. 

Hanging curtain rods and curtains is crucial; whenever you need to block sunlight, give your house a complete look, and don’t want your neighbors to peep into your house, then you should know the process for hanging curtain rods faster and say goodbye to your bare windows.

There are a few simple yet easy tricks to speed up the procedure of hanging curtain rods faster. This will take a lot of your headache out of hanging curtain rods and curtains, especially when you have many windows in your house. 

How high do you need to hang your curtain rods?

Though there is no specific rule for this, many people will agree that all curtains look perfect when they are hung wide and high, especially wider and higher than the window itself. 

This not only creates an illusion of a grander and bigger window, but it also makes the room feel much taller and draws your eyes up. For big-sized windows, you can hang floor-to-ceiling curtains to give your windows and house a wider look.

The trick for hanging curtain rods faster

Knowing the height and width of your window is what makes this easy and fast trick possible. Discussed below are the steps you will need to take. 

Tools you will need

Apart from your hardware items and curtain rods, there are some that you will need. Such as:

  • Small drill bit for making pilot holes.
  • Large drill for wall anchor hole.
  • Power Drill.
  • Pencil ruler, or a tape measure.
  • Stepladder or stool.
  • Scrap cardboard sheet.

Determine the measurements

You should hold the curtain rod bracket in its right place to take measurements. You can do your measurements by using the tape measure and determine the measurements of where you will need to drill

Make the cardboard template

You can use a cardboard sheet to use it as your template, and mark the measurements from both sides. After marking the lines, line up the hook of the curtain rod and mark the two screw holes as well.

Drill holes

Now, load up the power drill with a small pilot hole bit and hold the template above the window with the side edge lined up with the frame’s outside edge and the top edge flush to the ceiling. Then you need to drill small pilot holes through those two template marks.

Drill big holes and add anchors

In this step, you are required to drill big holes to add the anchors that usually come with your curtain rods. Drill into each premade pilot hole to make bigger holes for those anchors. 

Install the curtain brackets

Now, hammer in the anchors and secure the hooks of your curtain rods to the wall, using the screws provided. 

Add the rod and curtain panels

After attaching the wall brackets securely, you can hang your rod with the already attached curtain panel and finish the process.

Therefore, this faster trick and steps for hanging curtain rods can help you in saving a lot of time whenever you need to hang new curtain rods and curtains for your windows.


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