First impression is something that matters for every business, so it is important to not let aged or faded looking uPVC ruin your customers’ first encounter with your business. Replacing aged and worn-out uPVC can be very expensive, which is why we recommend commercial uPVC spray painting. Commercial uPVC spray painting is an excellent way to upgrade aspects of your business premises such as; uPVC doors, windows, sills, radiators, roofline/cladding and shop fronts while saving money. But before you take on the project of having your business commercially spray painted, there are a few things you should bear in mind.

The spray painting company

A commercial uPVC spray painters project is a big undertaken that requires the services of professional spray painters who have had the proper level of experience with commercial spray painting. This way, you are guaranteed a professional-looking finish that will protect your property for many years to come. 

In addition to spray painting uPVC, the commercial spray painting company you go for should also offer spray painting services for other materials such as; timber, other plastics, masonry and metals (aluminium). PBM Paints offer these services. From metal garage doors to soffits and fascia spray painting, our bespoke spray painting service will transform the overall appearance of your property.

The Cost

The cost of commercial uPVC spray painting depends on a number of factors such as; the number of items being sprayed, the nature and size of each item, scaffolding and location. Contact us at PBM paints to discuss what your needs are and get an individualised no-obligation quote. 

Paint quality

Poor paint quality will lead to issues like peeling, cracking, fading and the need to re-spray after a short period of time. A solvent-based, one component paint that doesn’t run is usually recommended for painting uPVC. PBM paints offer a wide variety of high-quality paints for our customers to choose from. The spray painting is also done with a UV-resistant finish that won’t crack, peel or fade regardless of the weather condition. 

Paint colour

One advantage of uPVC spray painting is that there is a wide range of colours to choose from. So you can easily find or have the painting company mix a paint colour that will complement the overall theme of your property.

The Weather

Contrary to popular belief, the weather can affect commercial uPVC spray painting. The uPVC surface needs to be dry while it’s being spray painted to prevent the paint from running with water, so rain can be a limiting factor. However, once dry, the weather should have no effect on your uPVC provided the spray painting is professionally done with quality materials. 


Any reliable spray painting company will offer you a guarantee for their work. This guarantee serves as a form of protection for you against any issues or faults with their workmanship. At PBM Paints, all our spray painting works are done with a 10 year guaranteed finish that the paint will not peel, crack or fade regardless of the weather conditions.


There are many things to bear in mind when carrying out commercial uPVC spray painting for your business. The quality of paint, costs, weather and guarantee offered are important things to keep in mind. For the best outcome, always hire professional uPVC spray painters for all your spray painting projects.


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