It’s no lie that certain pieces of furniture hold high property and sentimental value to us, and when they become old and worn-out, it can be very hard to let go. Furniture refinishing is an effective way to breathe new life into worn-out or antique furniture. However, the process is no easy undertaken. From evaluating the furniture to see if it’s worth salvaging to considering your budget for what needs to be done and hiring the right furniture restoration company, refinishing old furniture involves several carefully thought out processes. So before you take on the project, here is all you need to know about refinishing old furniture.

Evaluating which piece is worth refinishing

When it comes to refinishing old wood furniture, you need to carefully think out the commitment involved and decide on whether it is worth the effort. A thumb rule commonly used is to avoid refinishing painted wood furniture unless you are very sure of its functionality. This is because paint tends to conceal many scars. Some wooden pieces may have been painted to conceal things like; burn marks or water stains (which might have penetrated deep into the wood). Refinishing this type of furniture is quite frankly a bad investment. A better option would be to choose furniture pieces that have been varnished. Varnish has the benefit of being easily removable, and it also allows you to easily tell the condition of the wood underneath the surface.

The costs

The cost of refinishing old furniture depends on the amount of work needed. To get a better idea of what your budget should be, you can get quotes from a reliable and professional furniture restoration company. If you’re in need of expert furniture restoration London, Schryver Restoration will give you their rates after carrying out a proper inspection of the furniture piece. Ensure that you go for a company that can boast quality work and the proper level of expertise.

The refinishing process

Typically, furniture refinishing begins with the stripping of the furniture’s original surface with a chemical remover and possibly finished with sandpaper. Care has to be taken during this process to ensure that the grain of the wood is properly preserved. Once stripping is completed, repairs are carried out on the piece to fill the dents and buff the scratches. The surface is then sanded until it becomes smooth and even. This process would typically highlight the grain so you can proceed to decide on the type of finish you want. The prepared surface could also be stained or painted over to enhance its appearance if needed.

How long will the refinished piece last

When furniture refinishing is done by qualified professionals using the right materials and equipment, it should retain its finish for a very long period of time.

The added benefits of refinishing old furniture 

Opting for furniture refinishing helps you preserve the value of your existing high-value pieces.  It is a form of maintenance which helps you extend the lifespan of your furniture.

In addition to preserving value, refinishing old furniture also allows you to create a brand new style for your piece without having to spend money on a different piece to achieve the same look.  For example, the colour of a traditional-style bedroom set can be stained with a darker colour to achieve a more contemporary and modern look. 

Furniture refinishing also helps you save money since it is significantly less expensive than purchasing brand new pieces.


Furniture refinishing has a lot of great benefits, such as being cost-effective, preserving value and creating room for new and improved styles. However, achieving the best outcome with furniture refinishing boils down to doing adequate research and using the right furniture restoration company. 


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