Becoming a parent can be terrifying due to many factors. Part of it is identifying what the baby needs to provide them with the best care. Babies grow so fast as well as the transition of their necessities. Most especially when they reach toddler years wherein paying full attention to what they do matters. 

That is why childproofing must be done at home. It includes fixing the bathroom to make it safe for babies. Read on to know some tips on how to recreate your baby’s bathroom.

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Things to Consider For Safer Babies Bathroom 

The following factors can guarantee to help parents and guardians in taking care of a toddler during bath time. 

Enhance Bathroom Design  

Some parts of the bathroom have sharp edges that could put infants at risk. Check on these portions and find ways to secure your kids from harm. For instance, you can put non-edgy materials to cover up the rim. 

Bathrooms can also be slippery which would cause injuries, not just for kids. Ask home designers for the right flooring setup that is safe for toddlers. They might suggest textured tiling to keep the bathroom floor non-slipping.

Learn How To Bathe Babies 

First-time parents should be responsible for learning new things, including how to bathe a baby.  There are lots of tips online to make parenting easier. 

This matters because many child accidents happen in the bathroom, such as drowning. Perhaps the specs of the bathroom are not well-built. Having a complete bathing essential, like a bathtub, seats, buckets, and toilet will improve your baby’s washing habit. 

Speaking of a habit, it is also crucial to create one. It will help the baby to be familiar with such a thing.    

Full Supervision 

Parents are accountable to keep watch on their kids while in the bathroom. Leaving a toddler alone in the water may result in drowning. Moreover, it is not recommended to ask older kids to supervise the baby. 

Full supervision means 100% attention to the baby. In case of answering a phone call or doorbell, it is necessary to take the baby with you. Use a towel to cover the baby to prevent it from getting cold. 

Parents are not also urged to depend on bath seats when washing a baby. The reason behind this is a higher risk of negligence might occur. 

Secure Bathing Essentials 

Toddlers can be mischievous sometimes. They might get curious about the products in the bathroom which are rich in chemicals. Hence, keeping them in a cabinet that is out of reach is adequate. This includes all the poisonous cleaning materials that will put lives at risk. 

That being said, parents must pay attention to the toddler at all times. They might sneak into the bathroom and do stuff that will harm them. 

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Always Empty The Bathtub After Washing 

Kids are playful and might go to the bathroom even after washing. The best thing to do is to drain the bathtub right after washing the baby to prevent drowning issues. 

Cleaning the bathtub is much easier when drained. It helps to prevent mold that is causing slippery surfaces. Do not forget to wash baby toys as well to keep them hygienic and safe for kids. 

Limit Distractions Inside The Bathroom 

Focusing on the baby makes a difference during bath time. Meaning, that there must be no other stuff that might steal your attention. Babies firmly demand full attention because of their vulnerability to possible harm. 

For instance, putting a lot of baby toys in the bathtub could not be a good idea. Though most toys are non-toxic, they can be a cause of distraction during bath time. Some parents also use bubbles to add up pleasure while washing the toddler but this might trigger drowning. It will obscure the sight of the parent seeing the baby. 

It is recommended to keep the water low when washing a baby. This is to prevent immersing the toddler in the water. It also makes the process a lot more convenient. 

Be Aware Of Water Temperature

Babies’ skin is so sensitive to water temperature. It should be lukewarm, not too cold, and not too hot. Using a bathtub may cause the water temperature to change over time, especially when the water keeps on running. 

The market sells a device to help parents provide the water temperature suitable for babies. First, fill in the bathtub with water and then check its temperature before placing the baby in it. 

Make sure to secure the faucet with a thick cloth while washing the baby to avoid injuries. It is because babies can get hysterical sometimes while taking a bath. 

Always inspect the water regulator and make replacements when it is necessary. Not dealing with such a problem will put babies in extreme danger. Bathwater indeed plays a vital role when washing a baby. 

Final Thoughts 

Improving the washroom design is crucial to assure a safer bath for babies. The importance of the flooring is mentioned earlier which reduces the risk of casualties. Thus, hiring a tiling company can help to choose the right materials for your bathroom floor. Repairing this part of the room will result in more comfortable bathroom use. Lastly, keep in mind the above tips to reinforce safety for toddlers during bath time. 


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