If you live in a home that is not brand new, you may be desperate to have air conditioning. You must be frustrated every time you enter the home and realize that the temperature inside matches or surpasses the outdoors. However, you may be wondering if there is any possibility for the house to have AC installed, particularly when there is no ductwork in the home. Fortunately, there are some exciting options for homeowners who wish to have an Orlando AC installation. Read on to find out more.

Ductless AC Systems

Ductless AC systems have been popular in Europe for some time and seem to be gaining in popularity in the United States as well. This is mostly because they offer a true alternative for homes without ducts for a central AC.

Ductless or mini-split AC systems have the advantage of avoiding the loss of energy that has traditionally been associated with the ductwork required by central air conditioning systems. This is a huge issue because energy loss can account for more than 30% of the electrical consumption of an AC system with ducts. This is an even greater problem in homes where ducts run through spaces that are not well insulated, such as basements or attics.

If your home has no ductwork for AC, this is a good alternative to give you the cool air you crave. Don’t forget that planning on adding ductwork to a home that does not have it is not only disruptive if you are living in the home, and it is also prohibitively expensive.

How do mini-split AC systems work?

There are two components to a mini-split AC system:

  • An outdoor compressor/condenser
  • An indoor evaporator or air-handling unit.

Both elements are easy to install and require a small hole in a wall for the conduit to pass through. The conduit houses the communication and power cables, copper tubing, and a condensation drain line that links the outdoor and indoor sections of the unit.

Mini-split systems can be installed in houses without ductwork and added to non-ducted heating systems such as radiant panels, space heaters, or hot water heaters. They are also a great option for houses with an addition that does not allow for the extension of AC ductwork.

What are the advantages of a mini-split AC system?

The installation of a mini-split is fast and easy. The system can be installed in one day and does not call for major changes in the walls. Having a mini-split means having the cool air you want while also having a noiseless system that can improve the quality of the indoor air in the home and offers a level of comfort comparable to that of much more expensive central HVAC systems.

Ductless Zoning

The fact that your home has no AC ducts does not prevent a mini-split system from offering you the ability to have different temperatures in different areas of your home. What’s more, the mini-split zoning feature allows you to assign spaces or rooms into different zones. The temperature in each zone can be customized according to your preferences to fit your cooling needs. This means that you should feel as cool and as comfortable anywhere in your home as if you had installed ductwork for a central AC.

No Permits Needed for Installation

Ductless systems are not only easier and faster to install than a central AC system, but there is also no need to apply for permits for their installation since you will not be demolishing or building any walls to accommodate them. The hole needed to connect the outdoor and indoor elements of the system is less than 3 inches wide.

Reduced Energy Costs

As mentioned above, there is much less wasted energy when there are no ducts in the home. You can expect a savings of around 30% if you were to switch from an AC system that requires ducts to one that does not.

Window Air Conditioning Units

If your home has no ducts for an AC system, you might have been planning on installing window AC units. This may still be your best alternative if you are renting and do not want to make any big investment in a property that is not your own. However, going for this option may mean that you buy several different models and are still unable to get the cooling comfort you know a better AC system is able to provide. And if you want to cool a large area, it may be tough to survive a hot and sticky summer with a window unit. If that was not problematic enough, window units are notorious for their loudness. You may be unable to watch a movie or listen to music whenever they are on.

After reading about mini-splits and how easy they are to install, you may switch directions and get an AC technician to install this cooling system in your home.


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