Home Maintenance Checklist for First-Time Home Buyers

First-time home buyers may have never owned a home before and are unsure about everything that comes with it. They need to be prepared for anything as they start on their journey as first time homeowners. Here is a check list to guide them through the process.

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1. Interior painting:

First-time buyers should hire a residential painting contractor to assist in the process of selecting the right color scheme and designs. A good home should not be robbed of its beauty with any wrong choices when it comes to the paint job.

2. Appliances:

First-time buyers need to make sure that all of their appliances are working properly before they move in, which is why hiring professionals for help is recommended. It is also recommended to do research on the best brands of appliances to purchase and to consider adding a home warranty plan to cover the cost of any repairs down the road.

3. Locks:

First-time buyers should make sure that they buy locks and install them before moving in so that they can feel safe in their new homes. The right locks can be purchased online as well as at local hardware stores or through your neighborhood home improvement stores.

4. Location: 

First-time buyers should consider how their homes will fit into the overall location of their community and neighborhood before buying based on their needs and wants.

5. Conditions of the home: 

They should look into the history of the house they are buying as they are responsible for all repairs in case there is any damage.

6. Costs of living: 

First-time buyers should look into how their new homes can fit into their personal budget and their monthly expenses so that they can plan accordingly for the future.

7. Duct cleaning:

 First-time buyers need to make sure that they hire professionals to inspect their air ducts and clean them before they move in and the future inspection of the home.

8. Master and basement remodeling: 

They should look into getting their ideas of having it done in their homes as well as how much it will cost them during the process. A good contractor can help with this process as well.

9. Checking radon danger:

First-time buyers should have the radon levels in the home tested before moving in as well as for future maintenance purposes. This can be checked through local hardware stores and professional companies.

10. Plumbing:

 First-time buyers should have their plumbing systems inspected by professionals before they move in to make sure that everything is working properly and installed correctly.

11. Electrical system: 

First-time buyers should have the electrical systems checked by professionals before moving in and for future maintenance purposes as to make sure that everything is working properly and installed correctly.

12. Zoning check:

First-time buyers should make sure that their homes are in the right zoning areas before buying, which is done through local zoning departments.

13. Deed: 

First-time buyers need to make sure that they get their deeds stamped by the county before moving in to make sure that there has not been any change or new additions made to the land in question.

14. Building inspections:

First-time buyers should do their home inspections prior to moving in and for future maintenance purposes, which can be done through professionals.


First-time buyers are now more informed about the process, as they now know what to expect when moving into a new home. They will be able to feel more secure and at ease knowing that they can handle the responsibilities of being a homeowner.

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