If you’re looking to redo your home this year, you’ve probably already started thinking about the design concepts and home improvement projects you want for your home makeover.

The process can quickly become overwhelming with so many styles to choose from. Thankfully, we’re here to help you out! Here’s all you need to know about redoing your house in 2022. Let’s get started on your 2022 home redo.

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Create A Digital Layout 

To start playing with different design concepts, create a virtual layout of your home using one of the many home makeover apps for download. You can create a digital drawing of your home and experiment with different furniture placements, types of king beds, paint colors, and more. This way, you can try out other things and see what they would be like for your home without actually going through the process. 

Create A Budget

Make sure to establish a budget for your home remodeling project. Knowing how much money you have to work with will make it easier to decide on various aspects of the project, from the type of paint you use, to who you hire for various exterior and interior home projects. You might want to total up how much everything will cost ahead of time so you can plan for the best time to carry out each individual project. 

Create a spreadsheet of all expenses related to your home makeover so that you can keep tabs on your spending as you go. Look for deals and discounts for a cash safety net if needed! Sometimes projects don’t go as planned, and having some money you previously set aside for these cases might come in handy!

Stick With Neutral Colors

When you begin your home remodeling, choose neutral colors to start with. You can always change your mind; this way, you’ll have clean, crisp colors that go well with any décor or style you have in mind for each room. 

Some neutral colors for your walls, flooring, countertops, etc., are white, off-white, beige, and grey. For countertops, darker colors like dark brown and black are also great options. Stick with lighter colors for the walls to create more spaciousness in each room. 

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Hire A Contractor

hiring a contractor

For projects, you’re unsure you can do all by yourself, hire a contractor to help you out. They’ll know what to do to make your vision for your home come to life. Just be sure to know what questions to ask and check the reviews of those you’re considering hiring before you agree to work with anyone. 

You want to build a great team you can count on for your home remodel. You can also get a contractor to quote different projects ahead of time to get an idea of how much money you’ll need to set aside for each project. 

Do One Home Remodeling Project At A Time

To avoid getting overwhelmed, aim to do one project at a time for your home remodel. There’s no use rushing projects that you want to turn out great, so do yourself a favor: slow down and take things to step by step! 

You’ll have a better ability to oversee how projects are going and make decisions about each room from a calmer state of mind. With more levelheadedness, you’ll likely be more pleased with your home improvement and remodeling decisions. 

Take Things Slowly And Enjoy Your Home Remodel 

Remodeling your home is a huge undertaking. It is essential to take projects one step at a time and utilize the resources available, like professional contractors and creative apps for home design. In the end, you’ll have a home remodel you’re proud of! 


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