With time pedals may become a hurdle in your daily exercise activities. When you see your peloton bike’s pedal is not working at all. Try to remove the pedals and attach the new pedals.

The new pedals will give a new flexibility to your daily exercise.

Yeah, but, how do I remove pedals from a peloton bike? What do I have to do for that? What should I keep in mind before removing the pedals from the peloton?

If you are also having the same kind of question, don’t worry!

We are here to help you.

In this article we are going to discuss the step step tutorial to remove the pedals of a peloton bike.

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How to remove the pedals from the peloton?

To remove the pedals what you all need is patience and a wrench of 15 mm. Having these things will help you to remove the pedals.

So, without any further details, let’s deep dive to remove the pedals.

Set the resistance to zero

Do you know why we have resistance knobs in the peloton?

Mainly to apply emergency brakes, right?

Now, while working with the pedals, it’s very important to ensure that your peloton doesn’t move. It’s important to make it stick at one position.

So, what you have to do is set the resistance to zero and the wheel will be stuck at one position.

It will not rotate even if you try to rotate.

This zero resistance will help you to work properly with upcoming next steps.

Remove the right pedal of peloton

Now, you have your wrench, right?

Insert that wrench at the axle of the pedal and start the removal process.

Don’t forget that you have to turn the wrench counterclockwise, otherwise it’ll tighten the axle and you won’t be able to remove the pedal.

So, turn the wrench counterclockwise to loosen the pedal.

If you have been using this peloton for a long time, you’ll have to apply some extra pressure at the axle.

Once you feel that the axle is loose enough that you can use your hand, start removing the pedal by using your hand.

Remove the left the pedal

Keep in mind that removing the left pedal is completely a reverse process of removing a right pedal.

Yeah, you heard absolutely correctly, in a reverse process!

So, fix the wrench at the axle of the left pedal and start rotating clockwise.

In the left pedal, clockwise will loosen your pedal.

Similarly, like the right pedal, start applying some extra pressure to remove the pedal bit faster.

Once, you feel it’s loose enough to use your hand, then remove the pedal by using your hand.

Why will someone remove the pedals?

Removing a pedal depends on various reasons. Someone may want to remove the pedals to fix the new pedals, or due to any other reasons.

Let’s discuss why you may have to remove the pedals.

To install the pedals correctly

It may be possible that while installing the peloton, you have fitted the wrong pedals or you may have forgotten to connect the chords.

For this reason you may have to remove the pedals.

In this case this guide will surely help you – how to remove the pedals.

To replace the pedals with new pedals

You may be using this peloton for a long time and now it’s time to install the new pedals. The old pedal may not be very effective.

It may become super slippery that is hurting you while doing the exercise.

So, now, you may want to replace the pedals with the new one.

Pedal got broke

It may also be possible that only one pedal got broken.

If this is the case with you also, you may have to remove the pedal and install the new one.

To buy a new pedal, you can simply go on amazon and search about the peloton paddles with your model number or name.

Get it delivered to your address and start installing the new pedals.


So, this is how you can remove the pedals from your peloton bike or bike+.

Removing a pedal is not at all a rocket science. What you all have to do is remove the pedal using a 15 mm wrench.

Right pedal will be removed by turning the wrench counterclockwise while the left pedal can be removed by turning the wrench clockwise.

So, I hope this article was helpful to you.


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