Modern Steel Homes: Building Luxurious Houses the Sustainable Way

House-hunting is a long and difficult process. Although there are many options on the market, it’s often hard to find the one that fits all of your needs and preferences. This is why it’s best …

House-hunting is a long and difficult process. Although there are many options on the market, it’s often hard to find the one that fits all of your needs and preferences. This is why it’s best to go for a custom build. 

While site-built homes are a popular and reliable choice for those that are looking to move, recently there’s been a rise in popularity of modular steel homes. These revolutionary living solutions provide a range of benefits both for you and the environment.

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Prefab Steel Homes Can Be Built on Any Site

One of the biggest advantages that modular homes have over conventional site-built homes is their adaptability. The first step in building a home is finding a suitable plot. For a site-built home, there are often certain requirements that the plot needs to fill before beginning the construction. On the other hand, a modular home can work with any land, from sandy beaches to the remote outback.

There are many renowned construction companies in Australia that build versatile modern steel homes in a factory and later transport them to the building site in the form of modules for assembling. The size of these modules is flexible, so they can be easily scaled down for transportation to inaccessible areas.

But, are steel modular homes durable? Compared to the traditionally built homes, these modular homes usually have much higher quality. This is because they have more elaborate shop drawings that contain every detail of the construction. Steel modular homes are considered to have higher health and safety levels as a result. 

They even offer protection in areas that are prone to bushfires and cyclones. The high-quality steel frames stay intact in the harshest weather conditions. If you’re considering a site that’s near the ocean, the company will make a number of adjustments to prevent any damage to your building caused by salt sprays.

They Save You Time and Money

With a site-built home, you’re never completely sure of the exact length of the building process. This varies depending on the weather conditions and other potential factors that might slow down the construction. Modern steel homes are manufactured in enclosed environments, so there is no risk of weather delays. 

They’re also much more cost-efficient. When building a traditional home, a lot of the materials are exposed at the construction site, which puts them at a high risk of theft. Modular home companies give you a list of all the expenses prior to beginning the construction. This way you know exactly how much the construction costs. When it comes to site-built homes – it’s common to run into additional expenses along the road, so it’s often hard to pinpoint the exact cost.

You Get a Unique Home You Can Customise to Your Liking

The modern steel frame house isn’t like the outdated cookie-cutter houses of the past. You have all the freedom in the world to customise it and make it more soothing and practical for your everyday life. You can work closely with an architect of your choice to create your dream home. 

Customise your floor plan, choose your preferred materials, colours, types of cabinets, and more. Design the rooms in your home according to the purpose you will be using them for. You can explore different solutions for your specific needs. For example, a recording studio will need some additional soundproofing; a greenhouse for your gardening will require an extremely well-lit room, etc.

Steel Modular Homes Are Energy Efficient

The modular homes are made in a controlled factory setting, meaning they are sure to be more airtight than the regular homes we often see built. They’re made with the best and optimal insulation layout. This layout helps to stabilise the indoor temperature in both summer and winter. The superior insulation greatly decreases your heating and cooling costs, which is also better for the environment. 

Prefab steel homes are smaller in size and more practical compared to traditionally built homes. The high-quality and efficient windows and doors make it even easier to control your indoor temperature. Some of them are also built with features such as LED lights and energy star appliances. If you want to additionally cut down on your monthly expenses – opt for a modular home with built-in solar panels.

They Are Sustainable

In these alarming times that will decide the future of our planet, more and more companies implement sustainable practices to lower their environmental impact. Modern modular homes are one of the biggest sustainable innovations that we have today.

Less Waste

Firstly, they cause significantly less waste compared to the traditionally-built homes. They’re manufactured in factory settings according to certain measurements to make sure that the waste is set to a minimum. A lot of companies also aim to recycle as much waste as possible. You can also relocate a modular home, which additionally lowers the environmental impact of constructing a new one and demolition of the old one.

Modular steel frame homes follow strict assembling guidelines, so there is also less waste created on-site. On the other hand, site-built homes account for approximately 40% of waste in landfills. The fact that modular homes account for significantly lower rates of waste is a big plus for environmentally-conscious homeowners.

Water Efficiency

Fewer Carbon Emissions

Manufacturers of modular homes make sure that they produce as little waste as possible. Compared to traditionally-built homes, they produce approximately 80% less overall waste. They also aim to minimize their carbon footprint, which is why these homes are manufactured in carefully controlled environments. There are also fewer carbon emissions from transportation compared to the site-built homes. While the latter requires frequent transportation of materials, modular homes are transported to the building site in one go.

If you’re browsing through houses and looking to move, the steel modular homes might be the ideal choice for you. These homes are luxurious, eco-friendly, and much more versatile than conventional site-built homes.

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