Instagram is one of the most visited resources on the Internet. On the site you can find everything you want, starting from recipes of useful recipes and ending with the accounts of designers who offer creative solutions for decorating the space. There are hundreds of thousands of Instagram accounts dedicated to interior design, and this is a great opportunity to find inspiration and start recommending or decorating a house. Social media has become one of the main ways of communication between homeowners and design specialists. 

Regardless of your aesthetic preferences, you will be able to find online a solution for decorating a space that will be relevant to you and the atmosphere in the house. Comfortable cozy rooms, bright accents, creative designs and landscaping with the help of home plants – all this is offered by designers on Instagram and talk about how to stylishly combine details with each other.

In this article, we have collected the best accounts about the home Interior, which you need to monitor if you want to change the design or plan major repairs. But before proceeding to the list of designers, we want to remind you that it is important for every blogger to feel the support of readers. 

A blog for an author is the same job as any other. And in order for the account to continue to live, and for the influencer to have the inspiration to continue to create, do not forget to like and comment on posts. Designers are not specialists in promotion, and this process requires time, effort, and money for them. They are learning how to create a content plan, use hashtags, and where buy real Instagram followers. Collectively,  these actions give them the opportunity to monetize the account and create useful posts. So, now we will tell you about the best home decor accounts.

Home Decor Instagram Accounts To Follow


Jonathan Adler is the author of one of the most popular blogs on Instagram. He is widely known among designers and has many regalia. Jonathan is engaged in pottery and interior design, so do not be surprised when you see unusual creative solutions in the feed of posts. He knows how to style strange things in such a way that they look unusual and stylish. Adler is committed to individuality, so his designs are not similar to each other. Bright combinations of colors, pottery vases, and products made of natural materials – all these are perfectly combined with each other, as Adler’s account proves.



Do you know about the “jungalow” style? This is a combination of the beauty of the jungle and bungalow-style rooms. The creator of the style is Justina Blakeney. Her blog is a storehouse of knowledge for those who want to create a “living interior”. She masterfully combines different colors, uses live plants, and exalts tropical inspiration. And if you want to add more green elements to the interior, this is a great possibility to get inspired.

The name of the account accurately describes the interior solutions offered by the author of the blog and professional designer Christina Higham. A woman is great at creating creative spaces from ordinary spaces with the help of bright details. Christina shares her works and talks about which interiors are at the peak of popularity and how to integrate art into the design of the room. Her account is the epitome of style and elegant taste, and if you have been looking for inspiration for a long time, we advise you to subscribe to the account.


Do you like the interior design in pastel colors and home comfort with dim lights? Then this page is created especially for you. Fiona is a professional designer who works with many different companies and has her own style. In her blog, a woman talks about advantageous combinations of colors that are ideal for decorating various rooms. She gives advice on where to buy suitable furniture and which building materials are resistant and will last for many years. Fiona deftly combines personal life and work in a blog. She uses new formats for presenting information, such as Reels and Stories, so you definitely won’t get bored when viewing her feed of publications.


Sometimes inspiration comes while you are watching the transformation of other spaces. The author of Ashley’s blog shows the stages of repairing various objects, shares tips from his own experience in Stories, and recommends products for purchase. She is a designer who introduces home plants and details created by her own hands into interiors. Among other things, Ashley shares the mistakes that people make when creating an interior. In a word, this blog will be useful for those who are planning repairs but are afraid to make mistakes. Study Ashley’s account so that everything goes perfectly.


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