When looking to sell your home, did you ever think that your personal style could put off a potential buyer or even reduce the house’s value? Well, a survey carried out by fitted wardrobe specialists, Hammonds, on 2,000 UK adults is here to tell us the answer is yes, it absolutely can. In fact, 40% of UK house hunters found that interior décor was a top priority when looking for a house.

If you’re wondering if there is one interior design in particular that will see that house offers to pile in, we’ve got you covered. Here are the dos and don’ts of household décors and styles that you can follow if you’re thinking of selling your house in the competitive market of today:

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Minimalist style 

Characterised by white walls, clean lines, and signature no clutter, the minimalist style is one of the favorites. Hammond’s study found that houses sporting this sleek décor design could have buyers offering £3.6k more than the asking price, even as much as £10k more if the buyer is between 18-24-year-olds. 

This is in comparison to the maximalist design, with nearly 32% of buyers saying they would offer below the asking price for this style. There are plenty of ways to embrace minimalist interior design at home if you’re wanting to improve your house value and get the best price for your home. 

Farmhouse décor 

Another clean and rustic interior style, Farmhouse décor has also seen a rise in popularity among home buyers with over 34% of participants stating that they’d offer over the asking price for a house with this design. This is unsurprising as searches for the style are up by 90% and more and more homeowners are adopting this versatile design.

Doing your own research on the modern farmhouse style and how to achieve it can act as the perfect guide to achieving that version of minimalist sophistication. 

Boho décor 

The bohemian style came in as the third most popular home design on Tik Tok, with 258.4 million views. Interestingly though, boho chic wasn’t considered a trendy or popular style in the Hammonds study with 31% of Brits claiming that they would pay below the asking price for a home with this interior. 

The boho style is known for its eclectic and vintage pieces, as well as its bold blending of vibrant colours, patterns, and textures. To get better in touch with your inner bohemian, check out the available tips for creating a boho style home


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