This topic reminds me of the “a house is not a home” rap line in P. Diddy’s song “I’m Coming Home.” A house is not a home when you are welcomed home to a mess and scattered space after a hard day’s work. Such scenes can even increase your stress level. 

Your home should always be lively and welcoming, whether old or new. From the bedrooms to bathrooms, your home must provide you with the maximum comfort you deserve, even if you cannot afford the best décor, equipment, and gadgets. But all these cannot happen in a vacuum and requires effort, and making your home lively and cozy should be a deliberate attempt. 

If you are ready to witness such a serene and welcoming home atmosphere, here are some simple, easy-to-follow guides and ideas. 

Declutter your home

For your home to be lively and enjoyable, it should be clear of all mess. A messy house increases stress makes you anxious, and affects your focus. As you strive to make your home lively, you should first declutter the space. Decluttering should be done in stages, i.e., from one room to another. You can start by clearing your living room of all extra or unused items to free up space. You then move to the bedrooms, kitchen, and bathrooms and end it all at the garage or storeroom. 

While you dispose of some of the decluttered items, the ones you still want to keep can be stored on USA custom overhead racks. Overhead racks make storing all the extra suitcases, bags, and other items easier for easy access. 

Artworks can do the magic

Hanging artwork on your bedroom and living room walls does more than beautify your space or serve as décor. To a larger extent, it can become a focal point of your home, add dynamism and texture, portray your personality, and, more importantly, can be a stress reliever. Research shows that a view of fascinating arts can reduce stress and anxiety and make you happy. 

Where and how you hang the arts also matters. It is always best to hang your art at eye level and in a place, it can easily be seen. Ideally, it should be 57 to 60 inches above the ground, preventing you and visitors from having to strain before seeing it. 

Add memories to your space

A lively home should include great memories from the past. All the beautiful moments you’ve experienced from childhood to adulthood should find space in your home. It could be pictures of your first birthday party, first day at school, family day out, graduation, or wedding ceremony. That beautiful trophy, award, or citation you received for good work done must all find some space home to serve as inspiration. 

Remodel/decorate your living room

Your living room is one of the essential spaces in your home. In most homes, the living room is the first place of call for all guests. That aside, it is where the family spends most at-home time together. Therefore, a lot of effort should be made to make your living area comfortable and lively. 

Start by decluttering your living room. Afterward, you can choose to paint or use colorful 3D wallpapers for a fresher look. If possible, add beautiful artwork to serve as a focal point. Your furniture and all decorative items should also be positioned well for easy access in the room. You can also learn more about how to decorate a living room or watch video channels like YouTube for DIY tips.


How do you feel the following day after sleeping in a dusty room as compared to a well-cleaned room? A dirty and cluttered environment creates discomfort and affects your well-being. So, make regular cleaning a necessity to make your home cozy, convenient, and lively.

Sweep and clean your rooms regularly, and wash your bedsheets, towels, and all other washable items regularly. Don’t leave your kitchen dirty after cooking; wash the bowls after eating to prevent flies and pests from invading your home. 

Create a garden

Green is beautiful. If you have a little space at home, use it for a flower garden. You can create a container garden even if you don’t have much space.

Plants and flowers beautify the environment and bring nature closer to you. As you admire the beauty of nature, it reduces stress and anxiety and creates inner peace and happiness. Get some shrubs, hedges, orchids, lilies, begonias, or any you want from your local plant shop and enjoy nature.

Lighting up

Lights provide the brightness that enhances the beauty of your home décor. Aside from allowing natural light into your home, you can install beautiful lights in all your rooms and living areas. Some lights are décor on their home and add a sense of class to your space. 

Know how to combine color

You can buy all the expensive decor items available; however, if they are poorly combined in terms of color choice, you will create more mess. If you aren’t good at color combination, you can hire a professional to guide you. With that, the least you do creates an energizing environment. 

Take home 

There is no place like home. No matter how long you leave home for a trip or vacation, you will surely return to meet the mess you created. So, do well to create an enabling environment that fosters inner peace and tranquility for a lively home. The above points are enough to create the beautiful home you desire.


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