Who Buys Old Mobile Homes Near Me?

A mobile home is a house built in factories and then moved to the right destination. People use mobile homes majorly because they are easily accessible and are cheaper than traditional housing.  Mobile homes are …

Mobile House

A mobile home is a house built in factories and then moved to the right destination. People use mobile homes majorly because they are easily accessible and are cheaper than traditional housing. 

Mobile homes are in demand, so selling and buying such houses is also profitable. Some people might be interested in purchasing mobile homes for themselves or any other XYZ reason. Similarly, sellers must be willing to sell their mobile homes; this might raise questions like who buys old mobile houses and how much they cost. We are going to cover everything in this article. Stay tuned!

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How To Sell Your Mobile Home For The Most Profitable Deal?

Some pointers that can be followed for the best deal are:

  • When selling a mobile home, understand the difference between personal and real property.
  • To find installation and inspection issues early, get an assessment before advertising the property.
  • Join forces with a seasoned local agent who has sold mobile homes.
  • With a variety of financing choices, increase your buyer base.
  • Use market and buyer demographic data to determine the price of your home.
  • Including the appropriate features can raise the value of your mobile home.
  • To draw seasonal buyers, list your house as furnished.
  • You may sell your mobile home more quickly with inventive staging and landscaping advice.

What Is The Process For Buying Or Selling A Mobile Home?

First, a tax record must be established or updated at the Treasurer’s office.

Second, the mobile home title transaction is processed at the Auditor’s office Licensing division. Note: Licensing subagents cannot title mobile homes. 

The Assessor’s office updates the property record ownership after completing the mobile home transaction.

Some transactions require additional paperwork, including inheritance, divorce, changing your name, putting your home into a trust, lienholder out of business, ownership in doubt, or you can’t find the title.

Who Buys Old Mobile Homes?

  • There must be many dealers and sites that would be interested in buying your old mobile homes. Many sites help the seller and buyer from the beginning to the end and give you a place to sell mobile homes for cash.
  • There can be dealers who might be interested in your old property; they modify it and then sell it for a larger profit.
  • You may also sell your property to a friend or relative but make sure that you follow the proper guidelines and the complete process listed by the Government of your respective state. 

Mobile Homes For Cash

The mode of payment depends on the understanding between the buyer and sellers; your dealer or the site you are taking assistance from might easily help you decide the right price and mode of payment. 

The price range for mobile homes may vary from locality to locality as the price is higher. But on average, the price range for a mobile home could be from $15k to $20k. The price depends on many factors like:

  • Size of the house- it is understandable that the bigger the house, the more its prize is as bigger homes cater to the needs of the individuals better than smaller homes. 
  • Design and Customization- the price of your mobile home may also depend on how you keep it. Its designs and extraordinary features it has. Better the elements, more the price, and vice versa. 
  • Delivery and Setup- The location of your mobile home matters the most; if it takes more time to deliver your home or set it up, that is an additional cost to what you are paying to buy the house. 
  • Taxes and Insurance- Taxes usually depend on the state. Mobile homes are under the tax slabs of personal property as they are not set on a permanent foundation. You may always contact the tax office for the right break up of the tax.

One must also look for insurance for their investment in mobile homes. The coverages may vary from Mobile home damage to Personal property damage. 

  • Utilities- knowing the right price of utilities is important for managing our finances. It helps us to quote the right price for our mobile home.

What Documents Does One Need To Buy And Sell Their Mobile Home?

In most cases, the buyer must bring the title, current/past registration, proof of insurance, mobile home bill of sale, and government-issued identification. The state may also issue a registration fee on authorizing that property as fit. 

While selling the house, one must have the titular deed, certificate of taxes, home occupancy document, permit issued by the government, and a certificate showing bills of sale. Selling a house is a pretty simple process; just link with the right buyer and consultant, and you will have the most smooth experience.

One thing must be noted: moving the mobile home before or after its selling requires special permissions from the Treasurer’s office. Make sure to go through all the government-affiliated articles to get the best deal and the smoothest process. 


Having the right knowledge may ease buying or selling an old mobile home. Always research wisely before making any decision related to buying and selling your old mobile home; consult the right kind of people and sites that may help you to get the best deal possible.

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