Things to Know About Window Treatments

The windows might appear bare, and you may need to accessorize them. Similar to decorating a room by adding furniture, a window also needs little attention. You will be surprised to see the vast number …

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The windows might appear bare, and you may need to accessorize them. Similar to decorating a room by adding furniture, a window also needs little attention. You will be surprised to see the vast number of options for dressing your window. Portland is a port city and the largest in Oregon, USA. You can get custom window treatments in Portland with ease. The average cost for installing window shades in Portland falls between $ 142 and $ 209. 

However, it is vital to learn about the options available before installing them. Also, confirm the service provider the availability of their products and services before making the final decision.

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Options for Window Treatment


They are similar to curtains yet different. They are lined and usually made of heavy fabric. Since they are thicker, a more luxurious material is used to create them. The options available under this category are drapery panels, custom drapery, wide-width sheer drapery, and drapery hardware. The drapery can also be customized to match the windows and blinds. 


Shades are fabric panels connected to the window frame or curtain rod. You will get them in various lengths, sizes, colors, widths, textures, etc. They can be anything from sleek to modern, depending on your style. The options for window shades are solar, cellular, roller, vertical cellular, roman, zebra, etc. You will get several motorization options regarding custom window treatments in Portland. You can control them via a smart device, remote, or audio instruction. 

Based on the products, installing a solar shade in Portland can cost you between $ 195 and $ 393 or more. 


While blinds may lift up and down, similar to window shades, their material and construction are distinct. For your space, you can get wood, faux wood, composite wood, and vertical blinds. You can transform the look of your room entirely by installing custom blinds. While installing the blinds yourself may sound exciting, it is best to call the professionals. They will take care of everything from start to finish.

How to Choose the Right Window Treatment? 

If you are planning to get a window treatment, you should know some things. Is your goal only to decorate the window, or are there other concerns? Are you looking forward to dimming the light or eliminating it? It would help if you asked yourself more questions before making the final decision. 

  • Windows can be arched, rectangular, or circular. Besides, not all windows are the same, and some might require a customized approach. Understand how your windows open and then decide on the installation type. 
  • Windows can be eye-catching as they take up significant space in your room or hall. So, a disconnect between the room and the windows may make an area less appealing. So, ensure the treatment you choose fits well with the existing decor.
  • The purpose of the installation is the most significant aspect. It will aid you in deciding the right window treatment. If you select a product only to improve the aesthetic appeal, something like a zebra shade might be appropriate. At the same time, a solar shade can be handy if your purpose is to protect the room from UV exposure.
  • It is vital to consider your budget and make it clear to the service provider. Customization services might cost you a few extra dollars, but they are worth it.

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Bottom Line 

Remember the tips above and contact a professional service provider for appropriate guidance. Portland, located in the pacific northwest, is renowned for its innovation, as are the products and services available there. Choose an experienced professional with quality products and materials for the perfect window treatment.

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