The world of paper towels and hand dryers is a contentious one. Some people are dead-set against the use of cloth towels to dry their hands, while others see it as an unnecessary waste of time. So what’s the right way to go? Here’s a quick rundown on this debate.

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Hand Dryers vs. Paper Towels

In which scenario is your washroom hygienic? Of course, when it is clean. Cleanliness can only be achieved through the installation of proper equipment and maintaining the same.

This brings us to the next question; what is a hand dryer? Well, it’s simply an electrical device that uses air to quickly dry hands after washing or cleaning. Hand dryers are an effective and cost-effective way to maintain cleanliness in washrooms. They are hygienic since they don’t come into contact with your skin like paper towels do so you won’t have any germs on them when you touch them again later on.

Plus they use less space than paper towel dispensers do because there aren’t as many parts besides just blowing warm air out onto your hands.

Proper drying is essential to achieve the desired cleanliness. Paper towels can be a good option but they will not serve the purpose in case of a busy washroom. On the other hand, hand dryers are effective, reliable and cost-effective. In fact, professional hand dryers in Australia can kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria on your hands in just 10 seconds. 

Why Not Cloth Towels?

Cloth towels, on the other hand, cannot be cleaned effectively. Even if they are washed it may not be effective and actually could spread germs if they are not wiped properly. Cloth towels are also not as absorbent as paper towels. Paper towels are designed to absorb large amounts of liquid, while cloth towels tend to just push it around in the same area rather than actually absorbing it. 

You’re in the bathroom. You have just finished washing your hands and drying them on a cloth towel. In the time it took you to dry your hands, that cloth towel has been contaminated by wet hands and is now covered with bacteria.

You may be thinking that this isn’t a big deal, since most of the time we just wipe our faces with it anyways, right? Wrong! You should never use a hand towel that has been used to dry someone else’s face or body as an alternative to paper towels or hand dryers as it can spread germs from one user to another.

The final verdict is that cloth towels are best kept for home use when you can regularly toss them in the washing machine after a use or two to maintain bathroom hygiene among household members. 

Picking the Right Product

Investing in the right equipment for your washroom is essential to ensure that all staff and customers are safe from harm, as well as being able to use the facility with confidence. A hand dryer will provide a fast, efficient method of drying hands after washing them, especially in public restrooms where there may be people waiting for their turn at any time.

Paper towels have their own benefits when it comes to cleaning up spills or other messes, but they can also spread germs if not disposed of properly after use.

Remember: always choose the best option for your business needs! Whether you decide to opt for paper towels or professional hand dryers in Australia, always make sure you invest in quality products and steer clear of cloth towels in public washrooms. 


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