What Can Ignoring Plumbing Problems Cost You?

Many homeowners do not realise that they are putting their homes at risk for water damage when they let a plumbing problem go unaddressed. Unfortunately, plumbing problems do not have a way to tell you …

Many homeowners do not realise that they are putting their homes at risk for water damage when they let a plumbing problem go unaddressed. Unfortunately, plumbing problems do not have a way to tell you what they can cost you until a plumber inspects the matter further. Keep in mind that a lot of times, what just happened to be a random annoyance like clogs, can in a blink of an eye become a problem that can cost both emotional and financial stress. If you want to learn the different troubles you will run into when you allow a plumbing problem to go on, keep reading.

What Can Ignoring Plumbing Problems Cost You?

Your water bills will rise

One of the most predictable costs of turning a blind eye to minor plumbing problems is how they contribute to higher utility bills. Even the tiniest of leaks can take a toll on your wallet. Unfortunately, since pipes are hidden from plain sight, detecting a leak in plumbing can be a challenge. Over time, the drips from a leak can add up, significantly increasing water waste and the chances of water damage in your home. Whilst this is not the kind of cost that will be felt, in one fell swoop, it will take a huge chunk in your budget as time goes on. If you consider regular preventative maintenance, these leaks will be detected and fixed early, saving you hundreds of dollars in the long run.

Your home structure will weaken

As you might already know, every plumbing problem brings a different set of risks to your home, but what most homeowners do not realise is that a problem left ignored can also cost their entire home if it reaches a point of complete failure. When you have a broken sewer line running under a slab, and the problem is not detected in time or fixed soon, the water escaping from the pipe will saturate your floorings and slowly ruin it. Carpet gets soaked, your home will begin to smell, and the tiles crack and pop leading to more foundational problems. In severe cases, flooding can take place all over the house. If the foundation is compromised, you will likely end up with a complete home renovation, aside from the fact that you might also need a sewer line repiping.

You expose your home to different health hazards

Bad plumbing will not only cost your entire home but potentially, as well as your health. In cases of unaddressed broken sewer lines, there is a high chance that sewer gas will enter your home. The same goes when you have a severely clogged drain. Bacteria will build up when your waste has nowhere to go but sit in the drainpipe. They will cause terrible odours to emanate in your home, leading to diseases and allergies. When sewage or waste flows back into your sinks, you have a bigger problem. At this point, calling a pipe relining company like the RevolutionPipeRelining.com.au is your best move to clear your drains and reline broken sewer lines.

Your repair cost will increase

There’s always more to plumbing than what your eyes can see. A sluggish drain and a clogging toilet are warning signs of tree roots growing in the sewer line rather than just a random annoyance. This problem requires specialised tools to clear the roots and reline the pipe so tree roots will never have a chance to grow again. Call yourself lucky if it’s just roots that need clearing, and there are no sections of the pipe that have gone severely damaged. If so, expect to pay more for the pipe relining cost to get your pipeline restored. Keep in mind that just like any type of repair, the drain or sewer pipe relining cost will vary depending on the extent of the damage; This implies that the longer you wait for a problem to get sorted, the higher the chance that you’ll have to pay more.

Your plumbing will have a high chance of complete replacement

A simple plumbing problem is a nuisance, but a complete pipe replacement brings a different set of pain in the arse, especially when it comes to disruption in homes and the hefty sum you would have to pay. Everything comes with a price, they say, and the price as a result of delaying a problem hurts much when you know you could have done something about it right from the start. A severely blocked sewer line that has developed breaks, gaps and cracks can escalate into a complete pipe collapse. This happens because the structural integrity of the pipe can no longer be trusted. Moreso, if you let tree roots linger in your pipeline longer. The pipe at this point will most likely need to be replaced.

Truth About Pipe Relining Cost

Unlike what most people think, the cost to reline a broken pipe won’t cost you a fortune! It is especially true if you don’t wait to fix or reline a damaged pipe later. If you haven’t thought of this, factor in the costs you’d have to pay to fix a leaky pipe, or a blocked drain each time it occurs, and you’d be surprised at how much you can save. On average, pipe relining cost can usually range from $3,000-$15,000. Dramatically a lot cheaper than complete repiping, which can go up as high as approximately $25,000; This accounts for loads of work required, normal for pipes that need replacement. With Sydney relining solutions, it is less likely that excavation is required.

That said, even if you’re only experiencing random episodes of slow-flowing drain, don’t leave it to chance. Your reliable pipe relining solutions partner, Revolution Pipe Relining, can detect clogs, tree roots and breakages in your drain and sewer pipes. We offer a range of pipe relining services to enable damaged plumbing systems to stand years of use again.

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