What Questions Should I Ask My Roofing Contractor?

Your house is important to you, so it’s essential to inspect it for damage or signs of wear regularly. Unfortunately, a home is not built to last forever, especially the exterior, which faces harsh weather …

Your house is important to you, so it’s essential to inspect it for damage or signs of wear regularly. Unfortunately, a home is not built to last forever, especially the exterior, which faces harsh weather daily. Roofs need periodic maintenance to last longer and rapid repairs when damaged. 

The roof is one of the most common neglected parts of the house. Although roofs are durable, they are out of view, and homeowners may not pay enough attention to them until it is too late. If you think about it, your roof is the first and primary layer of protection against harmful weather phenomena, be it rain, snow, hail, or any other damaging factors. 

The roof should be able to withstand damage, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t inspect it from time to time or ignore some tell-tale signs that it’s losing its integrity. Without a properly maintained roof, the damage can spread to the whole house, making it more expensive and complicated to fix later.

According to a Maryland Roofing Company, it is necessary to consider many factors when fixing or maintaining your roof. A roof is not only made out of shingles. It has a structure starting from the rafters, rakes, and ridge boards; after that comes the solid decking. It is a complex structure with many details that need to be thoroughly checked. The roofing technician should consider checking the vent pipes and chimneys when inspecting the roof.

Since there are so many factors to check, clients must know which questions to ask when communicating with a roofing contractor. These questions won’t help you just with the roof’s status and how to maintain it, but they will also reveal how competent the roofing contractor is. No one wants to employ low-quality workmanship, and you certainly don’t want to take risks when it comes to your roof. Below is a list of questions that you should ask your roofing contractor.

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Does the Roofing Contractor Have the Proper Documents?

Does your roofing contractor have the proper documents? This is the first crucial question you should ask a roofer to ensure all the work done is legal and under warranty. 

The license is the first document you should ask about from your roofing contractor. Do they have a license, and if so, are they registered with the state’s board that offers licenses to contractors? This can showcase the seriousness of the roofing firm and its legitimacy. 

The next document you should ask questions about is the bond. This is important because a bonding company can check the contractor and ensure they do their job correctly. If the contractor does not fix something properly or they go bankrupt, the customer can reach the bonding company for compensation. 

It would be best to ask about insurance as well. All good roofing contractors have insurance. If a roofing contractor has insurance, you are protected from liability should a worker suffer injuries on your property. Insurance will also help you out if the workers damage your property during the roofing installation or repairments. If the roofing company has insurance, it also speaks volumes about their work, legitimacy, and professionalism. 

This is because insurers often avoid working with companies with a bad reputation due to their poor craftsmanship or general quality. You can ask to see the documents if you feel something is wrong. You do not have to limit yourself only to a verbal answer; you can ask for physical evidence too. You can also raise different questions about more paperwork depending on your state, as not all of them require contractors to have the same documents. 

How Long Will My Roofing Project Take?

It would help if you asked about efficiency because as a customer, you can’t wait too long to get your roof fixed. It is necessary to ask about their availability, how soon they can start the job, and how long it will take to finish it. Approximate times are also okay, as it is better than not knowing when the roofing company will come to start the job. 

Make sure that their estimate includes all parts of the job. Materials and machines used by contractors also impact how efficient they are. Clients should ask questions about the materials they will use to replace the areas of damage. This is necessary because some materials require a longer time to install or prepare, like the wood that sustains the roof, for example. 

Do They Have Examples of Their Work or Customer Reviews?

If you are going to work with a contractor that you did not work with in the past, it is important to hear some feedback from other clients. A good question is whether you can talk with their past customers. You can reach them and ask for feedback about the work performed by the roofers.

You can also ask the roofing contractor to show you customer reviews. Try to focus on clients that needed similar work done as the one that you require on your roof.

By asking questions about their previous jobs, you can also learn if they have enough experience or not. Experience is not always the key factor in deciding if a contractor is offering quality services or not. However, if they can’t provide sufficient examples, the contractor may not have enough experience for the work you need.

What is The True State of My Roof?

Homeowners shouldn’t be afraid to ask a roofing contractor about the true state of their roof. It’s important to have in mind how much time your roof has left. This is a crucial question as it can influence your decision to sell or improve your house. 

For example, you can invest in a new roof to increase the home value or boost the roof’s lifespan in general if you plan to live there for many more years to come. A good roofing contractor shouldn’t try to convince you to replace your roof if it can withstand several more years to come. If they insist on this, you should ask them to explain in detail why they believe so.

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