What Services Do Architects Provide?

Architects are an essential part of any construction project. Some people still argue that architect fees are expensive, so they prefer not to hire one. However, hiring an architect will help your project massively. Great …

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Architects are an essential part of any construction project. Some people still argue that architect fees are expensive, so they prefer not to hire one. However, hiring an architect will help your project massively. Great architects will help transform your project from paper to completion.

Professional architects offer consultancy services on design, safety, and project planning. The architect will give you tips on the best industry practices.

The architects also offer other services such as project supervision. This guide will highlight what services do architects provide. We will also add what to consider when hiring professional architects for your project.

One thing you should always take care of while you give any project to architects is to ask for a contractor license. This will help you stay safe from any scam.

Drawing and Design Services

Architects can improve your design or help you develop one, depending on what ideas you have in mind. Most architects are influenced by different designs and styles. This is something you should review before engaging them for their services.

For example, if you are looking for a modern touch, then look out for an architect whose works revolve around modern designs.

The architect will draw both 2D and 3D versions of the structure. You will also get 3D renders of the project to help you preview what your property will look like after completion. Architects will combine their technical know-how and artistic vision to bring your ideas and vision to life.

Planning Permission Application

Architects play a significant role in planning permission applications. Architects do more than draw plans and render 3D designs. The architect will help you prepare the needed documents for the planning permission.

Other than the drawings and technical designs, the architect will look at the safety features of your building. The architect will also help you correct any errors if your application is rejected and you must reapply.

Project Management

It would be challenging for you to oversee your project, especially if you are working a 9-5. Here is where an experienced architect comes in handy. Most of these architects have plenty of experience in project management.

This means that you can hire the architect to oversee the project on your behalf. The architect will also help you during the project planning phase, which is essential when running a big project.

Professional assistance from an architect during this stage will help you create a foolproof plan to run your project without too many hiccups.

Build Professional Networks

Most architects have connections with the best professionals in the construction business. Working with an architect will help you connect with some of these professionals. Building a property has many processes from applying for planning permissions to building permits.

The architect will link you up with construction experts who will help you run feasibility studies for your project and apply for the necessary permits. A good architect will give your referrals and help you source and vet contractors and consultants.

Hiring a good architect has plenty of benefits, but finding the best architect in the business can be tricky. It would be best if you considered a couple of factors as mentioned below.

Hiring Fees

Architect fees can be expensive, especially if they have many years of experience. Hiring fees are one of the main stumbling blocks that make many people turn down getting architects for their projects. But the high fees are well worth it if you want a professional look and touch on your project.

You can hire a freelance architect if you are looking for cheaper options. A better option would be hiring an architect at an hourly rate, which means that you only pay for hours when you are working on your project.

Freelance architects are cheaper but do not offer a wide range of services. Most offer design drawings and a 3-D render of your project, which is enough to get you started.

Review Past Works

As we mentioned earlier, architects are influenced by different styles and designs. You don’t want to work with an architect who doesn’t suit the concept you want to implement. Check out their portfolio and some of their past works.

However, good architects are flexible and may fuse different designs. Ensure that you consult with them first before signing the contract. Do not compromise your design and overall feel if the architect is not into it.

Ask for Referrals

Referrals can be a good choice if you are running out of time. Good architects can be hard to find, and most are already on contracts. Here is where getting referrals from friends or family can come in handy.

With referrals, you also don’t have to ask for portfolios or waste time reading past client reviews. You can also ask for a referral from the construction consultant you work with when applying for permission permits.

Ensure That They Are Certified

Make sure the architect is certified by the relevant state authorities. A certified architect is conversant with all the building and construction laws within the region. They will also help ensure that your project meets all the safety and regulations.

Wrapping Up

A good architect is great for your project from groundbreaking to completion. Most architects offer various services such as consultancy, design, and project management. Even though architects are expensive, the fees are well worth it.

Many benefits come with hiring an architect. It will also help you find other industry experts to help you with your construction project. Consider the tips this guide shares when hiring an architect for your project.

Do your homework on what design you want for your project. You can check out sites such as Pinterest for more motivation and design inspiration. 

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