Due to the popularity of HVAC systems and their complexity, many owners like to use HVAC service companies to prolong the lifespan of their equipment. These systems require extensive knowledge to be repaired and maintained or to replace any broken parts. Building owners naturally try to find services that offer complete maintenance and stand by their work. 

But what should an HVAC service include? Many companies sell these services, but not all offer the same inspections and quality of work. For example, an AC repair service in Richmond, TX will be different from an AC repair service in Boston, MA.

The prices aren’t the only difference when it comes to HVAC services, though. Some places offer more for your money than others, so you really need to read the fine print. However, this is what a general HVAC service should include:

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An Inspection

A technician should start with an inspection of the HVAC system. This inspection can reveal unknown issues that the technician can fix before they cause further trouble.

For example, during an inspection, a technician might notice a loose screw or the presence of rust on some parts of the machine. Tests will reveal the condition of other components while the system is on.

Inspections can show if the system needs more mechanical oil to lubricate the fans. The technician can suggest straps to fix the AC or other parts if there is any danger of them falling or moving due to vibrations. 

Inspection will also provide details about the way we use the system. Professionals can tell you if you’re using it incorrectly and give you advice based on what they discovered. This should be part of the services they offer. With their experience, it is easy for them to explain to you what you did wrong during usage or if other reasons are behind the malfunctions. 

They can notice more wear on some parts than others, which usually happens when the system is improperly used, for example. A good service company like RMS Heating and Cooling will provide advice about maintaining your unit.

Cleaning Service

Regular cleaning is required for every HVAC system because air constantly flows through vents and contains dust particles. Dust is not the only issue, though. Since the system has an outdoor component, dirt, leaves, branches, and insects can get inside. An HVAC service will clean everything starting from the vents to the box where the components are. They will also change the filter for you.

Companies can’t fulfill the customers’ demands without offering a proper cleaning service. It will also be a big plus if technicians leave the place clean. It is also important that they remove any debris resulting from their work.

Testing Services

Your HVAC company should test the entire system. Technicians will ensure that everything is working correctly by testing each part. The testing service is different from inspection because some parts can only be checked if the system is turned on. 

Part of the testing is checking the electrical power and circuitry. Any issue with the electrical system can lead to significant damage to the unit or the house. 

Finally, the technician should check the refrigerant to ensure that there are no leaks. 

Services For Thermostats

Thermostats are also a  part of the HVAC system. Checking the thermostat to see if it runs properly is an essential part of the service. The technician should adjust the temperature and check to see if the system responds to the thermostat’s commands. 

Part of their services should also include tutorials, tips, and tricks on properly using the thermostat. They can also suggest temperatures, so we do not overuse the HVAC system and damage it.

Carrying Replacement Parts

A good service company should have access to common replacement parts. The technician will have more knowledge and know the price and quality of the items they’re using. They may not have every part in stock, but they should be able to order parts quickly. 

Technicians should create a list of parts from different suppliers and present to the customers the pros and cons of buying from each supplier. You should be able to ask the technician about the parts they’re using and get a satisfactory answer. 

If the service company has its own replacement parts, they should provide a warranty. The warranty should not only cover the cost of the replacement parts but also labor. If you didn’t receive a warranty during an HVAC service, it isn’t a good sign. You should not have to pay twice for the same service. 

Hiring a reputable HVAC company to repair your unit shouldn’t be difficult. You shouldn’t have to wait in the heat or cold for days on end. Find out when the company can come out, what they charge for a repair estimate, and how long they’ve been in business. If you don’t like their answers, keep searching. 


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