Lush, vibrant, stylish, and luxurious – oh how we all wish our rooms were magazine-worthy. We know you already know that window treatments are important components of any home. Apart from offering privacy and light control, they add luxury and softness to your space. 

Whether you love the vintage style of heavy drapes and lace curtains or the stunning modern look that ripplefold custom curtains deliver, you have a plethora of options to explore. The only limitation is your imagination. 

One modern style that is becoming a trend is the layering of sheer and blackout curtains. We have put this post together to help you decide on whether or not to layer curtains and guide you on how to do it. Let’s dig right into the details!

Why Layer Sheer and Blackout Curtains

So, why should you layer sheer and blackout curtains? Are there any special benefits that such a décor provides? Well, the answers to these questions are simple yes. Layering sheer and blackout curtains come with many advantages for your home. Let us look at a few of them.

  • Layer curtains add luxury and enhance the style of your space.
  • The layering of curtains helps to maintain appropriate room temperature. During the winter months, you can keep the biting cold at bay with layered curtains and during summer, you can let the sunshine in by opening the blackout curtains.
  • Layered curtains improve sound control by adding an extra layer of control in muting external noise.
  • They help you customize the light levels in your space to suit your requirements according to the season.
  • Layered curtains provide an extra layer of protection for your décor and furnishings without compromising on the aesthetic value. Blackout curtains help to protect your furniture from the sunlight and ultimately from fading quickly.

How to Layer Sheer and Blackout Curtains

So, now that you know some of the reasons why it is a good idea to layer curtains, how do you go about layering sheer and blackout curtains? That is what this part is all about. Let’s check out the tips.

Layer Blackout Curtains over Sheer Curtains

Layering blackout curtains over sheer curtains is the most widely used method. This method gives you better control over the volume of light that filters into your room. For instance, when you close the blackout curtains, you block daylight out and have a dark and comfy room. 

This is a great choice for people who work night shifts or work late or want a good sleep-in. Also, when you pull back the blackout curtains, you let sunlight pour into your room but with a filter. The sheer curtains reduce the intensity of light that enters the room, thereby, maintaining light control and better privacy. 

When you want maximum airflow and light in the space, you can pull open both the blackout and sheer curtains. While your privacy may get compromised with this, you have total control over how long you leave the window like this and when you do it. 

If two layers of curtains sounds excessive for your space, you can get all the benefits by layering sheer custom roman shades with a set of blackout curtains as well.

Layer Sheer Curtains over Blackout Curtains

This is another popular method of layering curtains. Here, you layer the sheer over the blackout curtains. Doing the layering this way subdues the appearance of the blackout curtains and makes a stylized and luxurious space more stylish and simplified. 

Now, this doesn’t mean blackout curtains are not beautiful in their rights. However, you can create an intricate look and effect when you layer them with sheer. That is because sheer curtains have a natural flowing feature comparable to no other curtains.

Select the Best Color Scheme for the Fabrics

Your choice of color for the curtains is also important as it affects the aesthetic appeal of the room. Traditionally, blackout curtains were only made in dark colors and sheer curtains in light colors. Those days are gone and today, you can have your custom blackout curtains in different colors. 

If you want to achieve a traditional look, choose a pair of light-colored sheers and neutral blackout curtains. For a more dramatic look, opt for a bold color that highlights your interior décor. You can also match your blackout and sheer curtains to achieve an understated but more coordinated look.

Choose the Right Hardware

Remember you will need hardware that allows you to operate both layers of curtains independently. Therefore, you cannot mount them on the same track. The good news is that there are plenty of options in the market for double track hardware. These tracks have two poles – for two layers of drapes. So they allow you to open or close one or both layers of drapes as you wish. 

For a perfect finish, try to mount the pole about 8-12 inches above the window frame. This will cover the window appropriately and prevent light from leaking in from the top. You can also block the light from coming through the sides by extending the length of the pole by about 10 inches on both sides of the window frame.

Choose the Perfect Heading Styles

While it may look subtle, the heading styles can add a touch of elegance and functionality to your curtains. Depending on your décor, you can use the same heading style for your blackout and sheer curtains for harmony. 

For instance, if you have a casual interior design, consider grommets heading style, while pinch pleats will look exceptional with a traditional décor style. Pinch pleats and pencil pleats are also excellent choices for light control since they minimize light filtration.

Final Thoughts

Layering sheer and blackout curtains offers both functionality and aesthetic value. So, when shopping for the perfect curtains for your home, sheer and blackout drapes are some stylish options you can consider to achieve a harmonious and luxurious space.


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