Indian swings are a wonderful addition to your home, regardless of its size. You can have them indoors, outdoors, or even just for decorative purposes. An Indian swing can easily provide the focal point to any living space. There is just something so romantic, sentimental, and heartwarming about swings. No matter how old you are, one simply cannot resist the pull of sitting in it. Swings are also a fun alternative to couches and sofas. 

Indian swings or also known as Jhula swings were a common fixture in Indian homes. In the past, these swings were made only from a plank of wood that hung from overhead beams. They can also be placed outdoors or around the porch. 

Swings are a wonderful reminder of the past—back when life was a lot less simple and less complicated. When you see swings, you remember the days of your childhood, back in the days when you were together with family. The old swings are no longer used nowadays because they are considered unsafe. The old swings were mostly done DIY style and there weren’t any safety measurements nor standard rules on how to make them. 

Modern Indian swings are made from steel cable and wood and carefully designed to be able to accommodate up to 600 pounds of weight, so long as it is attached to a joist. Modern swings are usually made from treated and/or polished wood which means it is strong but light enough to be suspended from cables. These swings were created as a modular furniture pieces, meaning they can be rearranged or made into different styles depending on your needs and preferences. You can use these swings for seating, for lounging, for relaxing, or for anything you want! 

If you want to learn more about Indian swings and why you need one at home, keep reading!

Why Indian Swings at Home Make Sense

Below are some reasons that might help convince you to buy an Indian swing:

They are functional and delightful

Indian swings are not pieces of furniture or décor that you simply install at home and just forget. They aren’t intended to be statement pieces (although they can be if you want them to be), rather they’re meant to be used. These swings have practical value and you can get more out of them too. 

If you there is an area in your house that needs additional seating, but space is limited, you can use these swings as alternative seating options. Because they are suspended from the ceilings, they don’t use up a lot of space unlike couches or sofas do. If you’re feeling a little creative, you can hang it at a little nook in the kitchen, add a little table to it, transforming it into a little breakfast cubicle for you and your family. Breakfasts will never be boring anymore if you do this. 

Some swings are now built in with a backrest that you can move around. This way it can be used as a chair, swing, or an elongated swing. Some swings are bigger and more functional, allowing two to three seating spaces at an affordable price. 

Besides being functional, swings have their own charm, even bringing back memories of the good old days. When you sit on a swing, you just want to kick your shoes off and enjoy a relaxing moment for a few minutes. 

Indian swings are also customizable. You can even add design elements to it such as a throw pillow or some mini blankets that match the color of your home’s décor. An Indian swing is also the perfect showpiece in any home, most especially if you install it in an unexpected location, like the living room or a reading area. 

They are Affordable and Easy to Use

If you’re worried about the cost Indian swings will bring you, worry not because they’re actually affordable. In fact, Indian swings are a lot cheaper compared to other furniture with the same function. In addition, you can get one swing with three different styles—such a good deal, no? 

Although couches and sofas are comfortable, they can be quite bulky, heavy and expensive, and you end up using up a lot of space when you get one. If you’re looking for a practical and affordable alternative to a sofa, perhaps an Indian swing might just be a good choice for you. 

Because modern Indian swings come with removable backrests, you can transform it into a chair for two when you have guests over or turn it into a hanging divan you can enjoy by yourself. There’s no need to use special tools and/or equipment to change the swing’s style. All you have to do is to remove the backrests and attach it on the sides you want them on. 

The best part about these swings is that they’re easy to install and that you can use them immediately after you’re done installing them. You only have to figure out the right size of joists you are going to hang them on. After that you just have to attach the cables to the planks, and you’re done. The swing’s height can be adjusted to your liking, but if you’re unsure about it, you can also leave it as it is. If you want to bring the swing outdoors, you can do that as well! Simply remove it from the joists and then move it to the new area outdoors. 

They’re Available on Online Shops

If you’re keen on buying an Indians wing but don’t know where to find one, worry not because these swings are available online. With technological advancements, it is now possible to purchase items online, including Indian swings! All you need to do is find an online shop or supplier that sells them or visit a manufacturer’s website and order from there. Not only will this make shopping for swings easier and faster, but it’s a lot more convenient than going to the shop and bringing home the swing set yourself.

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