The flooring of any home is as important as any other part of the house. Sometimes, even more, because it defines its overall look, the flooring in your home adds warmth, elegance, and a vibe that nothing else can.

When flooring is such an essential part of your house, why would you not show it some TLC? You may disagree that you do show TLC, but do you? Dig deep and answer how often you clean the flooring or do things necessary to maintain the flooring of your house. If the answer is ‘ah, we do our best, or “we vacuum twice a month,'” then you are not doing your best.

floor maintenance tips

Here are a few tips to help you maintain your flooring for a long time and keep it looking new.

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Tip 1: Weekly vacuum your hardwood floors

It may sound tedious, especially with a heavy workload, but vacuuming your flooring weekly is necessary. It is as necessary as wiping or mopping the dust from furniture and other things. Vacuuming the floor ensures the removal of crumbs of dirt that remain even after mopping and sweeping the floor. Using the best vacuums of 2022 can thoroughly clean all the corners of the floor. Even the corners and difficult-to-clean areas will shine after you thoroughly vacuum them.

Tip 2: Don’t use harsh chemicals or a higher quantity of cleaning products

People often think using more cleaning products with more chemicals will help them get cleaner floors. However, this is not true! It is counterproductive, as harsh chemicals ruin the finishing of your floors. And that leads to severe damage and withering of the floors. Instead of using more products in one setting, you can increase the frequency of cleaning.

Tip 3: Get the right type of flooring.

To maintain flooring, installing the correct type of flooring is also necessary. That means finding flooring according to the weather of the area, personal needs, and more.

For instance, if you live in Brisbane, flooring Brisbane options should include hard floorings, like tiles, planks, engineered wood, and more.

Tip 4: For wooden flooring, daily sweeping is essential

Do you have wooden flooring? Then sweep it daily, and no, it’s not excessive; it’s the right advice, which most experts recommend. Wooden floors accumulate dust quite easily, even if you don’t use shoes inside the house. Dust can come from anywhere and settle in the gaps in your floorboard.

If you don’t sweep it daily, the dust that accumulates inside the gaps can cause hygiene issues for your pets and small babies. Thus, always keep your hardwood floors dust free.

Tip 5: Rearrange furniture often

It is a good idea to keep rearranging your furniture often. It ensures that the entire flooring shares the load equally. It does so by redirecting the heavy traffic of furniture evenly throughout the floor.

Tip 6: Don’t use too much water for your hardwood floors

To increase the life of your flooring, ensure you don’t mop with tons of water. Using too much water can seep into the wood fibers, leading to swelling and warping in the flooring. It means you will have to change your flooring, which can be expensive.

Tip 7: Use glue and felt pads underneath the furniture

Gluing felt pads underneath all furniture is a must. It ensures that the flooring has no scratches, even if someone drags the furniture.

Tip 8: Have a doormat

A simple tip to keep your flooring clean and shiny is to place a doormat near the house’s entrance. It will keep maximum dust away. Furthermore, you should have a doormat outside the bathroom to prevent water from entering the floor. Remember that a wooden floor and water do not mix.

Tip 9: Polish the wooden floor every two to three years

If you have wooden hardware, polish it once every three to five years. Doing this will renew the flooring and give it a refreshed, finished look, keeping it new.

Tip 10: Use microfiber to remove dust

The best cloth to wipe down floors is a microfiber one. Don’t look at any other material for cleaning purposes.

All types of flooring require maintenance. However, wooden flooring is expensive but premium, so most people choose it. Whatever type of flooring you have, use the above tips to keep it shining.


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