When doing the interior design of homes, people look at multiple things, like materials, curtain designs, sofa positioning, wall art, and more. However, there is one thing that you may overlook, which is probably the best way to decorate your home. That is, you can decorate your home with plants. Yes, using houseplants or indoor plants is the most cost-effective, versatile, and effective way to decorate your home.

plant decoration for home

Not only do they add more grace and beauty to your house, but they are also stress-busters. Simply looking at their greenery can boost your mood and significantly reduce stress. Moreover, there are other health benefits of using indoor plants, namely, inhaling pure air, as a few plants can purify the air.

Plant decorating is basically doing interior design using plants, which is all the rage now for the reasons mentioned above. So if you are looking for a plant decorating guide, you are on the right page. Below are a few tips on how to do it perfectly.

#1 Start small and keep learning

You may have the temptation to buy every indoor plant in the shop. But you shouldn’t! In the beginning, you are unsure how to care for them, and buying too many only to see them either is worse. So, start small, learn to care for them, and see how they fit with your aesthetic and theme.

Initially, you can buy these indoor plants:

  • Bamboo
  • Pothos
  • Spider-plant
  • Snake-plant.

#2 Use baskets to put succulent plants

A few succulents or air plants, like bamboo, Chinese evergreen, peace lily, and dragon tree, are perfect to place in your living room or kitchen counter. They purify the air and look appealing too. To include them in your interior in an artistic way, use a bolga basket. Add the indoor plant of your choice and place it on the kitchen counter or coffee table. It will look impressive and give your table/counter a unique look.

#3 Make a plant shelf

Shelves with plants always add to the beauty. For instance, do you have a bookshelf in your home, or maybe a shelf with wall art and frames? Now, they are interesting, but if you want a colorful, vibrant, and lovely shelf, go with plant shelves.

All you have to do is hang a few shelves on the wall and decorate them with plants. You can choose plants of different sizes, shapes, and colors. Also, adding a few ornamental pieces here and there will look appealing enough.

For this idea, scroll through Instagram or Pinterest; you will find tons of ideas to create it perfectly.

 #4 Mix and match the containers

You never have to worry about uniformity when decorating plants. The plants and pots can all be of different shapes and sizes. However, they need one common thread to make it look aesthetically pleasing. For instance, you can buy different-sized plants and pots, but ensure they have the same color. Or you can buy an iron stand to keep your plants together on your balcony or entrance.

#5 Matching plants with your design theme is a good idea

You can buy plants because you like them most of the time. However, when decorating with them, it’s best to buy plants that go with the house’s look, style, and theme. Otherwise, they may look out of place.

#6 More is more with plants

The mantra “less is more” doesn’t work when decorating with indoor plants. So having a few plants in your kitchen will not work. Instead, you need to add many plants to your house, especially if you want to use as many plants as possible to decorate the house. For instance, use bolga baskets to keep them in place, hang them from ceilings, use plant stands, and more.

#7 Have plants near the seating area

Near your sofa, the foot of the bed, or your working space works best. It creates a vibrant space that appeals to people.

Plants can transform any space, and your house will smell nice while beaming with positivity thanks to indoor plant decoration. So, use these tips to set up a house full of nature and love.


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