10 Modern Bedroom Wardrobe Design Ideas

Whenever we want to get essential things for storing our clothes, shoes, and other materials, the first thing that comes to our mind is the wardrobe. Wardrobes come in various designs, sizes, and colors that …

Whenever we want to get essential things for storing our clothes, shoes, and other materials, the first thing that comes to our mind is the wardrobe. Wardrobes come in various designs, sizes, and colors that you can easily get as per your Interior Design.

Placing a luxurious and modern wardrobe in your bedroom will transform the entire look of your room’s interior. In short, they not only provide us with storage for our necessities, but they also add beauty to our rooms. 

Today, we have brought so many amazing ideas for modern bedroom wardrobes that you could only dream of getting them. We will give you the top 10 modern bedroom wardrobe design ideas that will blow your mind.

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Let’s Look At Top 10 Modern Wardrobe Design Ideas For Your Bedroom

We are going to give you modern, elegant, and luxurious design ideas for wardrobes in your bedroom. Let’s look at each idea one by one:

1. Single Door Modern Wardrobes

Single-door wardrobes come with only a single cabinet and door closet. They are specially designed for small bedrooms where you don’t have enough space to place large, double-sided wardrobes.

They come in a wide range of designs and colors that you can easily match with your interior and give a modern look to your bedroom. They can be ordered with a mirrored door, which eliminates the need for dressing in your small bedroom.

2. Sliding Doors Wardrobes For Bedroom

Sliding door wardrobes are gaining popularity and are installed in small bedrooms. They didn’t need extra space to open and close their doors, just like traditional wardrobes with hinged doors. You can get them in any size and color as per your bedroom’s size and interior. These are ideal for placing in your bedroom to give a modern touch to the interior decor.

3. Wardrobes Including TV Panel

These wardrobes come in a design that has a TV panel in the center and sliding doors on both sides. They have drawers, TV panels, shoe cabinets, and extra space for putting your clothes and other accessories.

Place this item in your bedroom and transform its simple interior into a modern and luxurious one. Whenever you need to get anything from the wardrobe, you just have to slide the doors and get whatever you want.

4. Mirrored Doors Wardrobe

Mirrored doors Wardrobes are designed in such a way that they have mirrors on the outside of their entire doors. By placing them in your bedroom, you didn’t need an individual dresser for your bedroom. Apart from this, they also give an extraordinarily modern and elegant texture to the interior of your bedroom.

5. Contemporary Wardrobes

Contemporary wardrobes are a mixture of both old and modern wooden wardrobes. They are so popular for placing in your bedroom for giving a sophisticated/modern look to the interior. They are simple but best at giving a modern and elegant look to the space where they are placed.  

6. Portable Modern Wardrobes

As technology has been advancing, it also affects the other fields too. Now the manufacturers of wardrobes are trying to design the best portable wardrobes. You can fold them and keep them with you while going to any corner of the world. 

They are lightweight, flexible, and come with many drawers. These wardrobes are mostly used for placing in kids’ rooms, or if you are living in a hostel or rental apartment, then you can easily open and fold to use them or get them with you wherever you are going.

7. Multipurpose Wardrobes

Multipurpose wardrobes come with different portions for putting clothes, shoes, and anything else you want. They are designed amazingly that give you the drawers, clothes hanging on both sides, open cabinets for placing shoes, and much more. They are much more popular for being placed in the bedrooms of teenagers.

8. Wardrobes With Dresser

These wardrobes are best for the couple’s bedrooms and usually come in large sizes. These types of wardrobes are trending nowadays because they give not only you extra storage space, but you can also place your essential accessories on the dressing table area. It would prove to be a perfect match when you blend it with your bedroom’s interior.

9. Designer Wardrobes

You can get these wardrobes for your bedroom to give it a unique, designer, and modern look. You can get them in any color to match your furniture and walls.

If you really want to make your bedroom look modern and luxurious, then try to choose these wardrobes because they come with smooth doors, cozy door panels, and eye-catching designs.

10. Entire Wall Wardrobes From Floor To Ceiling

In this design, the wardrobes are installed on one side of the wall of the room and are installed from the floor to the ceiling of your bedroom. By applying this method, you got not only extra storage space but also added an element of modernity, aesthetic, and luxury to the interior decor of your bedroom.

You can also get them in any design and color as per your bedroom’s requirements. They are perfect for being installed in large bedrooms.


These are the top 10 modern bedroom wardrobe design ideas you can choose from to enhance the beauty and modernity of your interior decor. Tell us which idea you like the most from the above-discussed designs by posting a comment.

If you have better design ideas, then you can also share them with us. Stay connected with us to get more spectacular ideas like this.

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